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New Year Resolution

(My son will likely to be going to kindergarten next year – so, this year; we need to do a lot of training for him)

Last year, I made only one New Year resolution – which is to make a proper New Year Resolution this year. I did not write it down anywhere but had it in my mind when I saw others blog and bragged about their own New Year resolutions. It was obvious that I was missing something here.

So, before I forget, before I procrastinate further, I might as well take this keyboard and start typing away my resolutions for this year. At the very worse, I would have something to blog about next year. For inspiration, I looked at other people’s resolutions and said to myself that whatever resolutions that I going to make, it must be measurable. There is no point of me talking about doing more hard work this year or relaxing more this year if I am unable to measure it and have some kind of comparison.

So, after looking back at 2006 and the current situation, this is my 2007 resolutions:-

1. To Lose Weight

No, I am not talking about simply losing a couple of kilograms but rather I want to lose enough to keep my overall weight under 90 kg. This is the key word – “under 90 kg”.

On the worst day this year, my weight went overboard to 95 kg and after some measure of weight reduction and dieting, it hovered around 92 – 93 kg. Slight improvement but obviously, it was not enough. It is not that I am fat…ok, maybe little “fat” around the waist but I was still slimmer than the fattest guy at the office (who by the way is less heavy than me). I blame it on my genes – my grandpa had very dense bones (especially at the shoulder – he was tall and had broad shoulders) making him heavier than his peers and somehow it has passed to me and now passed to my son as well. My son (who is less than 3 years old) is taller and heavier than his cousin who is about 4 years old.

2. Fully settle Credit Card dues

Ya, it may sound trivial but after I shifted house last year, my credit card balances skyrocketed bordering the self imposed credit limits.

It has been more manageable only recently with proper budgeting and self imposed discipline to hold back the credit card whenever we are on a shopping trip (I said trip, not spree!). Major cut back on evening trips to the mamak stall, fast food restaurants, unwanted magazines, clothing, movies, holiday trips, etc. I even bring lunch from home – so managed to save up at least RM4.00 per day (of which, is angrily used to pay the increased toll & petrol). Having a good bonus would be helpful but I am allocating the repayment of the amount due based on my net salary. Bonus is a bonus and nothing more.

It will be tough of course – most prices have gone but deep down, I am biting the bullet to get it fully settled before year end. There are a couple of reasons for that – one because the credit card interest is high and two, I want to purchase either a high spec laptop or a good DSLR next year.

3. To save up at least RM3,000

I hope that by this time next year, I can proudly say that I have saved up RM3,000 from last year into my savings. I have used most of my savings for the house last year and am keeping a small portion for emergencies. There is an urgent need to increase my reserves and with credit card payment is still looming at a high level, my expectation to save a lot is not high either. RM3,000 would be a good start.

4. To do up at least 140 post for the blog

I lost count but as at end of last year, I have done up 345 post (that including the one I did in 2005). So, for this year, my target is additional 140 posts to be done before I go off and celebrate the New Year. 140 posts equals to a 3 post per week – it should be easy to achieve if I am not tied with work or on an overseas assignment.

5. Purchase of the household items

Furniture! This year, I should complete the purchase of key household furniture by buying a sofa and TV stand but that is not the target for my New Year resolution. Sofa and TV stand – by hook or by crook, I need to get it before my son’s birthday in May, otherwise the guests will be looking at a rather empty living room (hmm, which is good also in case the crowd is big and we need the space). Anyway, what I really wanted to buy before year end is 2 showcases for the living room. I have plenty of souvenirs from my overseas trips, special toys and other gifts from my colleagues who traveled overseas frequently and I need a place to display them (ya, sometimes I can be such a show-off). 2 identical showcases will do the trick perfectly.

6. Complete reading the unabridged LOTR

This is the book that I have set it aside from reading for a long time now – the complete set of the Lord of the Rings. I took the easy and lazy way out – I just watched the movies. Further since I have been tied with work, family and yes, my computer games, I have spent less time on reading real books. Only recently I started reading on the classic “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne and it is great to be imaging the storyline again. I missed on this “exercises for the mind” and for 2007, it will be better if I could grab hold on the one book that I quite often find excuses to put it aside – this probably also means that I need to add more books to my bookshelf.

Six New Year resolutions for this year and that is all – if I am excluding the “usual” resolutions like I will work harder this year, I will do more charity this year, I will be a better driver this year, I will blog more on the greediness of the politicians, etc.

P.s. by the way, remember the crap that I talked on the toll hike last year? Ya, the crap has now been pulled out into the open. So, the question is which politician and government servant we going to “korban” this year on this issue? I sure hope heads will roll…starting from the very top.

Let’s move on…expect more clown acts from our Government Tag: Personal

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