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Month of Sickness

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It’s funny when things happen all at the same time…

I having flu and now having headache, my wife is having gastric problems, an uncle of mine was off from work due to high fever and now at home recovering, my mom was having fever last week, my cousin’s mother in law is in hospital (I don’t know why – my cousin did not bother to check) and close relative in Taiping is in hospital due to high blood pressure.

This reminds me of an encounter with a girl when I was doing Law:-

Girl : Are you sick?

Me: No, I am not a Sikh

Girl : You look sick

Me : Is it? Don’t you think I am slighter darker to be a Sikh?

Girl : Anything wrong with your skin?

Me : Nothing wrong but I telling you I am not a Sikh.

Me : I am a Tamil but I can dance Bhangra

Girl : …(look lost)…

Looking forward to a new fresh month in July!

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6 thoughts on “Month of Sickness”

  1. Ah, cmon.
    I don’t personally know any Tamil Sikhs, but why not? Diversity is good, eh?
    W’re really not all Punjabis any more. And you can already dance bhangra.
    The point: we’re a religion, not an ethnicity.
    But it is a funny story..

  2. Mai – actually this trick was started by my Punjabi friend when we are hanging out together and a lecturer who we knew stopped by and remarked that one of us looked sick…Imagine my Punjabi friend adding “He is not Sikh but I am Sikh”…haha

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