On The Lot – Dust is Settling Down

(Day 38 in Kabul)

(Picture source: http://www.thelot.com)

After a “wild wild ride” last few weeks, we are finally settling down to the normal routine of a “reality show”.

This time, the series fared better – proper introduction of the contestants, judges and the films itself. It is interesting to see the contestants’ films under “Comedy Short” theme (must be an one minute film).… [Click to read the rest] “On The Lot – Dust is Settling Down”

Police’s Buggy Plan


(Picture source: http://www.ci.bothell.wa.us)

It does not take long for someone to come up with stupid and wasteful ideas – where else but in Malaysia.

After reading Patrick Teoh’s piece on the police’s “cockamimmie idea” to use golf buggies to patrol the street, I could not shrug off the feeling that sometimes the police or “someone” who is representing the police can come up such a stupid, wastage, fucked-up idea to cheat the tax-payers (with all due respect to the buggy manufacturer, this post is not about you but rather about the police and the use of buggies).… [Click to read the rest] “Police’s Buggy Plan”

Malaysian Truly Asian

(Day 32 in Kabul)

(Picture source: http://www.tourismmalaysia.de)

It seems like the cable TV in my hotel room was mocking me….

I would see at least 2 advertisements on Malaysia in a day (the one with Pak Lah sitting down and “selling” Visit Malaysia 2007 was a big turn-off though) and the more I see, the more I am missing home.… [Click to read the rest] “Malaysian Truly Asian”

Why Blogs should ignore Zam?

(Picture source: http://www.iranian.com) 

Oh…at least for now, of course! 

Aisehman, Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru have blogged about it but Dewan Karut enlighten me with the right reason:-

Bayangkan…ramai MP kat Parlimen tu. Semua orang punya suara yang sama kat dalam sana. Satu-satunya cara untuk orang (khususnya media) memberi perhatian kat awak, ialah dengan mencetuskan kontroversi.

[Click to read the rest] “Why Blogs should ignore Zam?”

Grandma house from space!

(Day 31 in Kabul)

Google Earth certainly has some interesting view from space…ya, I am discovering it a bit late. Some of the satellite pictures was a bit outdated – one was my new house. It was still a vacant land, being cleared for “future” development. The old house was visible, so was IOI Mall and the rest of the “good old” Puchong area.… [Click to read the rest] “Grandma house from space!”

My Favourite Tamil Song 101: Heavenly Sahana By AR Rahman 2007

Sahana Sivaji The Boss AR Rahman Tamil

I am hooked seriously to the song “Sahana” and the “sadder” version of it, “Sahara” from the movie “Sivaji: The Boss”. Image Source: AVM / Youtube

[Click to read the rest] “My Favourite Tamil Song 101: Heavenly Sahana By AR Rahman 2007”

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