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(I will be “busy” in battlefields – picture source:

It’s time to fly again but hopefully it is for a shorter period than earlier trip. This year has been eventful in my travel intinerary but as usual, I am going to miss these:-

Family (who wouldn’t?)

Malaysian Food (high on the list – a good ikan bilis sambal)

Malaysian Weather (I will never complaint about the hot sweaty Malaysian sun again)

But I am not going to miss:-

Traffic Jam (not often one can ride in an army escort from the hotel to workplace)

“Clowns” in Malaysian Politics (when far away from home, I am able to “close one eyes” on the stupidity of some of our “Yang Berhormat”)

I should be blogging as usual if time permits but there will be some differences this time around (I have learned a lot the last time around). This time, I am leaving my camera home – I know it is not a “blogger thing” but at least time, my wife is able to send back photos from home and it is also less taxing on my hard disc. I am bringing more food supplements, vitamins and additional medicines this time around (I tried to be an hero the last time around and I paid the price of falling sick way too often).

I have also packed my laptop with enough war strategy computer games (bundled 2 into the laptop) – it should keep me busy in between work and beer drinking sessions. Rather than sleeping my Sundays off, at least I could be engaged in battles with the droid army within the safe confinement of my hotel room. Nothing serious of course.

There will be 3 of us to help on the system implemenation this time and my good buddy from India, Sidesh is part of the team. So, negotiating with the locals will be ease. 2 out of 3 is not so bad for a beer drinking session.

Countdown begins…

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  1. take care n have a safe journey – take spices with u ;p n milo n maggi ;p my mom took condensed milk coz she prefers coffee with it – then milk when we were in india for 3 months years back

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