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Being Malaysian

Early morning joke in the newspaper – PM to Students “Think as Malaysians”:-

IPOH: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants students to start thinking as Malaysians, not as Malays, Chinese or Indians. He said it did not matter whether they went to Chinese, Tamil or national schools; they were, above all, Malaysian.

Then why then, the politicians headed by the PM are not keen on the recognition of a “Bangsa Malaysia”?

So, start walking the talk or otherwise, like what we Indians will say, keep your mouth and backside shut and keep quiet.

Humor us, PM.

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3 thoughts on “Being Malaysian”

  1. things would have been easier if we are all equally levelled by constitutional rights. someday, i do believe the term “bangsa Malaysia” will be recognised as more interracial marraiges take place. for e.g., what do you call a person of siamese, arab and bugis ancestors, with chinese grandma and mixed race parents and speaks a bit of cantonese? thanks to the consitution, i’m a Malay by definition.

    i suppose equality is difficult, so is recognising “bangsa Malaysia” simply because some of us are already in their comfort zones and have accepted things as they are.

    as for now, we are all just “boxed” into categories of what the world calls “race”.

    my bet, “bangsa Malaysia” won’t be in place until the next 100 years.

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