Saffron Sunday

(Picture source from The People’s Parliament) 

To quote from the The People’s Parliament:-

I say civil society adopts the march on 25 November 2007 by our brothers and sisters as our rallying call to end marginalization, deprivation and neglect of any and all Malaysians.

I say we commemorate their sterling lesson of bravery and determination this Sunday, 2nd December 2007, say round about 8.30pm, by getting our friends together and, wherever we are, lighting candles.

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What’s in a number?

(See, see, see…don’t I look stupid and corrupt as well, at the highest level – level 9. Poster source: Mob’s Crib)

Plenty of bullshit that is…

The bugger paid used RM48,000 from public’s fund for a car registration “CCC9” and says that there is nothing wrong with it. There is no waste as it goes from the “government” to “government”.… [Click to read the rest] “What’s in a number?”

Tech News 101: My Latest Improved Desktop Themes

desktop, computer

Did I mention that I got a new laptop when I came back from Kabul? I think I did, haha. Anyway, with plenty of “RAM” to spare, my fingers have been itching for a complete makeover of the desktop.

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Hindraf Rally 2007: Not the End of the Story

Hindraf Indian

The Saturday’s Hindraf rally came and gone and surprisingly it was well-publicized both locally and internationally. Of course, we may only see one angle of the story in the local media, so try catching a more balanced reporting in the international media and blogs. Image source: Malaysiakini

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Our new “culture”

(Still on the Hindraf’s rally)

(Photo source: Jeff Ooi)

The IGP said that street protest is not a Malaysian culture and as such police will take stern action on anyone who is involved in street protest.

I strongly agree with the IGP – street protest is not really our “desired Malaysian ritual” but before anyone forgets, ask what about the police permission that was granted to the PM’s son in law to “monkey” around in a protest against Condoleezza Rice’s visit during last year’s Asean Regional Forum.… [Click to read the rest] “Our new “culture””

Hindraf Rally 2007: Realistic Way Out?

Hindraf Indian

Hindraf, an Indian NGO is proposing to do a protest rally to hand over a petition to the British High Commission end of this week. You would have also heard (likely in disbelief) of the legal suit against the British Government for a cool USD4 trillion – that would have made all Indians in Malaysia millionaires.… [Click to read the rest] “Hindraf Rally 2007: Realistic Way Out?”

RPK, Government and the Army


(Saturday march is not a small “fry” for the Government to ignore – Photo source: MSNBC)

It seems there has been a police report lodged over Raja Petra’s article titled “What the eye does not see”. It is an interesting piece written by RPK on the Saturday’s march organized by BERSIH – you should read it but what caught my eyes was this paragraph:-

When the first volley was fired on the assembled marchers around the Masjid Jamek-Masjid India area, word was passed down the line that the 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment or Regimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja (RAMD) was on stand-by, to move in if there are any fatal casualties.

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