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Star Witness

(Poster source: Bodohland)

First the bugger said that witnesses is “already” protected under the Witness Protection Act

Then he mocked his own statement by saying that witnesses can also go for cosmetic surgery to hide the identity (just like some Hollywood thrillers)

Then someone pointed out that there is no such thing as Witness Protection Act in Malaysia.

Knowing that he is “caught”, the bugger then made a 180 degree turn and said he is only “now” going to submit the Bill for Witness Protection Act.

Do you think potential witnesses and whistle-blowers can rest easily now?

If you think it does not get worse, what about the “story” of the ACA going after the whistle-blowers and trying to silence them?

Nazri, what we really need is not Witness Protection Act but rather Protection from the Corrupt Act but I am sure you can start with Protection from Idiots Act as well.

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4 thoughts on “Star Witness”

  1. It’s amazing how idiot’s can stay so loong in power… All they have to do is suck the b***s of those in “apparent” power, and they can get away with saying all types of shit without even thinking. And next you know, the famous “press has misquoted me”, statement will be their favourite catchphrase….
    Watch what Tun M said about this political bully on you-tube…

  2. i do wonder why you choose to use the word ‘bugger’. it appears to be in common usage with malaysians and singaporeans. does it have a very different meaning there than what is recorded in most reputable english dictionaries?
    in the UK it is viewed as deeply unpalatable, as is the case with most descriptions of sexual acts, not to mention vehemently anti-homosexual.

  3. Charles – the word bugger used in Malaysia at least from I know does carries a different meaning than of related to sexual acts. It is a slang to address someone without any respect whatsoever.

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