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Driving Skills 101: Idiots Slipstreaming Behind A Truck


Not surprisingly, idiots come in any age, shapes and colours.

Many are found on Malaysian roads. You would have seen them – idiots who change lane without giving proper indications, idiots who don’t know how to park properly, idiots who hog the fast lane and idiots who jump queues. Yup, idiots come in any age, shapes and colours indeed. And I have not even started to talk about motorcyclists – some have gone beyond the realms of idiocy.

Anyway, the idiot that I saw last night probably tops the list and yes, unsurprisingly he is a motorcyclist.

The guy was riding a motorbike with his wife (presumably) at the back and a kid in the front. Nothing “spectacular” about this scenario – after all, this is “so” typical of motorcyclists in Malaysia. To make things more “interesting”, the kid in the front was not wearing any helmet. Still, it is still a “Malaysian” thing – no wearing helmet.

But what made the “icing” to the scenario was the fact that this motorcyclist was travelling right at the back of a large truck – a couple of inches away from the steel back frame of the truck and was on a cruising speed of 60 km/h. Probably the rider is mimicking F1 drivers, using the slipstream to overtake but it was not. The idiot continued to ride in the “slipstream”.

Now, what happens if the truck driver slams on the brakes? Guess…

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