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Quran in English, Chinese and Tamil

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No offence to the Muslims out there and this post is about “fairness” – nothing more, nothing less…

Remember the incident of the Government banning Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia? The Government even required the Bibles to be stamped with the word “Not for Muslims”.

Will the Quran in English, Chinese and Tamil be stamped with the word “For Muslims Only”? Or it will be distributed without any restrictions? Only in Malaysia, you can find 2 standards of “laughable” laws applying to Muslims and Non Muslims.

And to add further, this is what a politician had to say about the translation:-

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Abdullah Md Zin said the department was proud that a Malaysian product would soon be available on the international market.

I may not been in the country that often but when did the Quran become a “Malaysian Product”? And if you are talking about the “international” market, do the foreigners who speak and read English, Chinese and Tamil have no access to Quran? Or was it meant to the Non-Muslims in Malaysia who speak and read English, Chinese and Tamil to get to know the Quran “closer”?

If a similar treatment was given to all religious books, certainly we don’t have a problem of reading the Quran too – there are great lessons to be learned there. But is there equal treatment given in the first place? And are things translated correctly?

God work in mysterious ways but not in Malaysia though

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2 thoughts on “Quran in English, Chinese and Tamil”

  1. i am a muslim and i don’t personally agree with the double standard. anyone can read about anything, it’s up to that person to believe what’s right and what’s not. i don’t see why a bible cannot be translated into bahasa malaysia and i don’t see the need to put “Not For Muslims”.

    a lot of religious Muslims read the Bible and the Quran to understand each religion deeper. and i know that a lot of Christians read the Quran too. so, what’s the big deal? and both holy books are not malaysian products omg!

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