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Work with Me…Again Lah

(Freedom of religion – wasn’t this part of the old manifesto) 

Work with me once again, hmmm? Correct correct correct – so here we go again, another candy-coated “manifesto” launched by the Barang Naik BN supremo, Pak Lah

Sorry Pak Lah but I did found couple of jokes down there but the seemly classic ones are:-

Bring down the country’s crime index (Ya, now this is a surprise? Isn’t something the police been paid to do an on-going basis?)

Raise the nation’s productivity, income and competitiveness levels (With the NEP deeply entrenched to benefit a few, I hardly see how BN can achieve this in the short run, whilst the rest of nations surrounding Malaysian is tripling its competitiveness)

Ensure provision of reserve land for places of worship in newly developed areas in accordance with developed guidelines (is this means more temples to be demolished in other areas? Policy is one thing but what the Little Napoleons do is another thing)

Increase dialogue on inter-faith issues through the Department of National Unity and National Integration (But Islamisation remains on the table affecting the Non Muslims? Remember the problems with the so-called converts?)

Enough said about the manifesto, read another take on it here and here

Manifesto remains nothing but flowery words on colourful paper unless it is acted on aggressively. Otherwise the manifesto is won by those who can use the better words. Did you BN guys acted upon the old manifesto?

You can fool Malaysians some times but not all the times you know? Thanks to the “work with me, not for me” fiasco, there is more Malaysians “working against Pak Lah” and hopefully it is translated into valuable votes for Oppositions.

The same old promise made by the same people but it is hard to buy this time around.

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