Special Occasion


(One of the “achievements” todate – landing in Kabul amidst Talibans & Nato forces) 

Celebrated on a yearly basis but this year, there is a slight significant for I think I have reached the mid point of my life (ya, I have set a vision on when my “expiry” date will be and if can last longer than that, it is a bonus).

And I have come a long way too and looking back, the achievements were not so bad for I:-

Have married (considering this against some of my “unmarried” friends)

Have a lovely kid (healthy, witty, funny and the one that bring cheers to me and my wife)

Have bought a good sized house (far from 2 bedroom cramped apartment that we used live in)

Have a working car (it is a Proton but at least it is running well)

Have a great working environment (perfect place to work, period)

Have both my parents still alive and well (my kid is having a great time of his life)

Have my grandmother still alive and well (I have great time of my life when I am at her house)

Have no major sickness (other than occasional flu)

Am a season blogger (who updates blog regularly)

Have been to Kabul (next “best” thing after Iraq)

Still able to drink alcohol (without major problems to the heart)

Knows the issues well (in other words knows the “spins” by the government well)

More to come…

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