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Politics 101: Pakatan Rakyat: DAP-PKR-PAS “mudah lupa”!


(Can the 3 be united for Malaysia sake? Poster source: Mob’s Crib)

Well, well, it looks like it is going to be a long night for fellow Malaysians.

The DAP-PKR-PAS pact, after getting enough votes from Malaysians, has decided to show their true colours. Other than the “safe” states – Penang, Kedah and Kelantan, trouble is brewing in Perak and Selangor.

Let’s start with Perak since the trouble there is more obvious.

It’s fine if all three parties were unable to pick the candidate for the post of MB. Asking the Regent of Perak to pick for them was indeed a smart move. But before one can say “Makkal Sakthi”, Uncle Lim had to throw a spanner into the smooth going engine.

After many angry comments and blog posts, Uncle Lim overturns his comments and apologised to the Regent (DAP owes Malaysians an apology too). Then, like clockwork, PKR decides to make heard their protests as well – this time on the composition of the exco line-ups.

This is a snippet from Malaysiakini on PKR’s latest stand but this is what I don’t get:-

However, he said that PKR will honour its agreement to support the coalition government. This means that PKR representatives will remain part of the governing coalition in the state assembly but will not take up any exco posts.

If you don’t mind not having any exco posts (but still support the coalition government), why the trouble to cause all the hoo-ha in the first place? Why need to make a big fuss on the line-up so publically and destroy the very creditability of the oppositions? Why can’t you guys make out in some lonely area – away from all these “blame no one but yourself suicidal” publicities?

If one was thinking Perak was turning into a cowboy state, RPK gave this indication in Malaysia Today:-

In Selangor, Hassan Ali engaged in secret negotiations with Khir Toyo to explore the possibility of PAS forming an alliance with Umno to jointly rule the state. This alliance would of course exclude PKR and DAP who were going to be Menteri Besar and Deputy Menteri Besar respectively.

The delay in forming the state government due to the disagreements and the DAP infighting about who should be the Deputy Menteri Besar meant that this would give Hassan and Khir time to come to an agreement. But they could not come to an agreement because both Hassan and Khir wanted to be Menteri Besar and none would back down in favour of the other.

This is treason of the highest degree and Hassan Ali should be tied to a tree and shot. I would do that myself if not for the fact that I would like to live a couple of years longer instead of being hanged by the neck until I die before the year is out.

Oh great, now Selangor PAS wants to sleep with BN and turn Selangor upside down. Unlike DAP & PKR who been messing up things publically, this PAS messes up things quietly in the background.

Notwithstanding the fact that the MB for the Selangor has been picked, nothing can be safely taken as “settled down”. I really wonder what will happen when the deputy chief minister has been picked – who will sabotage who. Even this is settled, do Malaysians have to wait out for another round of “hoo-ha” when the state exco lineup is submitted? Sigh.

Bloody buggers and this is just a couple of days after I wrote on why the oppositions cannot fail – the buggers have started with the infighting and stepped on voters’ trusts.

And before we all can say DAP-PKR-PAS “mudah lupa” (mudah lupa = forgets easily), I just hope the party leaders can think straight and rein in the buggers at the state level. It is just a couple of days after the election and we get pissed off with this shaky alliance.

Now all together say to these buggers “Enough is Enough!” The opposition is turning out to be a laughing stock – we had enough of this.

3 thoughts on “Politics 101: Pakatan Rakyat: DAP-PKR-PAS “mudah lupa”!”

  1. Let’s wait and see,
    me thinks they’re using us to convince their hardcore supporters that BARISAN RAKYAT is real. Last night ordinary peeps like you and me flooded Kit’s blog to tell him what we think and the results obvious this morning. This is active participation, tell Barisan Rakyat what you think, good or bad they have to know.

    Let FLY your comments on their blogs, Face Book, website, etc.

  2. Gummibear – it beats me too but I think it got to do with the qualification & creditability of the candidate picked for the MB posts. On paper, the PAS candidate looks highly qualified for the job and as such, we all support him 110%.

    Mob – Yes, I just hope these guys don’t forget who is the real BOSS and start putting things in order.

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