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Double Standards, Once Again

(The same old shit from same old mouth foaming politicians)

Hardly caused us to raise our eyebrows these days but still…

BN or rather UMNO were well known for their double standards and we thought after the hard screwing that they got after the last general election; these people would have toned down. But how we were proven to be so wrong?

The hoo-haa that they created when DAP wanted to boycott the swearing in of MB Perak was almost non existence when they wanted to boycott the swearing of the Terengganu MB in the same manner.

And they don’t treat this as treason against the ruler? Or is it because they under immense pressure to ensure that Terengganu’s oil money continues to go into the pockets of a few-well connected rather than the people of Terengganu?

And what is this campaign on-going in Perak by racists calling for review of the Perak Exco membership? The “good for nothing” NGOs (are they?) are up again, playing racial card to say that more of non-Malays in the Perak Exco is bad for the state.

Nonee Ashirin, who is one of the founder members of Perak Pertubuhan Profesional dan Pewaris Bangsa (Prowaris), said the formula did not reflect the composition of the state population with the Malays being the majority.

My question to this Nonee character is “So, what?” Why you are so worried of “Non Malay” Malaysians?

At the time when we are thinking ourselves as Malaysians first and wants to get this country back on its’ feet and fight in par with other developed countries, some people in the name of “fairness” wants to bring back the “divide and rule” treatment that has been so entrenched in muddy waters of Malaysian politics.

Will Nonee be making the same “noise” if the Malays find themselves with a better deal with this new Exco? Barely a month have passed by since the voters rejected racial based politicians and the new state Government is set on its’ work, we have people like this Nonee calling for the reinstallation of racial based rule. What’s wrong with these people?

Shouldn’t the formula be based on who got the most votes? Or at least make noise after giving the new state Government the chance to prove themselves? Don’t she get the “message” when majority of Malay in Perak voted for non-Malay candidates?

It looks like it is same rubbish poured in by “concerned” citizens in Selangor but the more they make noise, the hatred most of us are becoming of racial based ruling. The country always comes first…have they forgotten?

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