Childhood Memories: Part 2 – Feeling Heavenly At Maternal Grandma House

pkns earth movers childhood gramdma

(PKNS used similar earthmovers with huge tires just in front of my grandma house to construct their PKNS low-cost houses – they looked scary to small kids when they are driven fast all over the place. Photo source:

My heaven in this world must be my grandma’s house (from my mother side) and as long as I could remember; I have always been treated with extra care and gentle when I am in her house.

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Cough, cough, cough…

(Picture source:

Coughs from me, my wife and my son for last 2 days – 3 visits to the local clinic and today even to a Chinese traditional doc have not brought the light at end of the tunnel. I don’t care much about me but it is painful to see my son coughing at nights.… [Click to read the rest] “Cough, cough, cough…”

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Piggy Sticky

RPK said that the spinning machine is spinning out of control and it is more so after the general election.

After a long, long time, I watched the 8 o’clock news at TV3 – perhaps curious on how the TV station is “presenting” its news now (after the position of the opposition just got better) and perhaps there was nothing interesting on the other channels.… [Click to read the rest] “Piggy Sticky”

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Indian Cinema 101: Tamil Movie Sad Scenes That Can Make Anyone Cry


It is a fact that we cannot separate “crying scenes” from Tamil movies especially when you watch the old movies. but sometimes sadness can come in other forms as well especially when you have Kamal in the lead role.

I may have my “bad moments” with Tamil movies (and worse ones are the Tamil Serials) but I have to admit that some Tamil movies or some scenes are simply gems. I talked about comedies in Tamil movies and coming to the other spectrum of comedy, this has to be one of my favourite sad moment from Tamil movies has to be this:-

(Note: Sometimes this video shows an error message – video is not available but a retry later show it is working. I don’t know why. Alternatively, snippets of the scene can be found in Google video here)

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Childhood Memories: Part 1 – Paternal Grandma’s Pretty Old House

dad grandma house serdang lama childhood

(My dad’s parents house aka my dad’s side grandma house used to be here somewhere. Now the area has been closed off and redeveloped. The old place has been completely lost. Photo source: Google Earth)

I have been thinking about it for some time – of writing down my childhood memories of people, places and events. I lived in both my grandma houses (one from my dad’s side and another from my mom’s side) and encountered many interesting and hard to forget memories – I might as well, start writing them down before I start to forget it.

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Personal thoughts

Mentally not feeling well…

Perhaps it is the stress at work or misunderstanding with some people at home, I don’t know and I don’t care for the time being.

I am someone that does not follow “Malaysian” time – if the time to meet is at 9 pm, I will be there at 8 pm and somehow I expected others to follow the same and when that does not happen, I get upset, no, I get angry, I get annoyed.… [Click to read the rest] “Personal thoughts”

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So what?

(Picture source:

This piece of news from theStar reminds me of an earlier post in this blog. TheStar reported:-

SEREMBAN: A motorist who honked at the driver in front of him in Lukut near here last night got a shock when the driver drew a gun and fired a shot.

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Indian Weddings 101: Bro’s Engagement Part 2


Read Part 1 of the engagement here

I suppose to load this post yesterday but my mood was off yesterday – I hit a stupid motorcyclist on the way to work (the bugger decided to use an illegal shortcut in the highway). Thankfully there was no damage to my car (who cares about the stupid motorcyclist), otherwise, it would have meant more trouble for the motorcyclist.

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Indian Weddings 101: Bro’s Engagement Part 1


I did talk about writing something on engagements and weddings didn’t I? So, I might as well scribble something down whilst I still remember the details.

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It only happens in movies

Just a quick one…

There are just too many family events for this week – wedding registrations, engagements and weddings. Need to take time off on Sunday to consolidate the stories. Anyway here is a trivial question for you (long story ahead):-

A group of male college students standing in front of the girl college and were making fun of the girls walking in for their studies.

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