Indian Weddings 101: Bro’s Engagement Part 2


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I suppose to load this post yesterday but my mood was off yesterday – I hit a stupid motorcyclist on the way to work (the bugger decided to use an illegal shortcut in the highway). Thankfully there was no damage to my car (who cares about the stupid motorcyclist), otherwise, it would have meant more trouble for the motorcyclist.

Then in the evening, my meeting with a customer ended 10 minutes late but that 10 minutes caused me to be stuck in a traffic jam for one and half hour. Sigh.

There was supposed to be 6 carloads of people from our side that was supposed to “accompany” my brother to the engagement ceremony. There were “3 cars” from my house – fully pack of course and another 3 will meet up at the entrance of the temple.

There was nothing unusual about the actual engagement ceremony – it was the same as the other Indian engagement ceremony but since this was held in a temple, the crowd has gotten bigger when some of the devotees decided to join in the function. My son was usual of himself, wandering around the temple courtyard by himself (with a close watch from me and my wife of course). At one time, he went “missing” and we almost panicked but then we noticed him inside the priest’s house, lying on the long sofa and watching TV (he was making himself at home).

The food although was fully vegetarian (it was in a temple) was still good – surprisingly the cook from the small town was better than the big-name cooks in the Klang Valley (for those functions that I had attended so far). My son was tired by the time dinner was served – he had his favourite “papadams” and that’s it. Later I saw him arranging the plastic chairs and lied down to sleep. I had to carry him to the car when we were leaving for he had dozed off.

It was a tiring night for everyone.

P.s. No pictures of the bride and bridegroom to be in this blog due to a special request from the bridegroom to be.

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