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August 8, 2008

Oh Really, Rais?

(Controls is good but for who and for what? Image source:

Blogsphere is sure getting more interesting…

From Malaysia Today

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim Friday called for the creation of an internal council or mechanism to monitor bloggers. He said that in terms of law, the Sedition Act was sufficient but he was worried about enforcement which was not up to the mark and having such a council would help in enforcement.

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Why we need another Government?


(The ruling government and oppositions – there is too many boycotts but not in the interest of the nation. Image source:

Here is one reason why we need a new Prime Minister and a whole new Government as well:-

The five Pakatan Rakyat state governments are outraged that the Youth and Sports Ministry excluded them from a recent high-powered Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) council meeting and are demanding an explanation from Youth and Sports Minister Ismail Sabri Abdul Yaakob over the matter.

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Childhood Memories: Part 12 – History of My Beloved Grandma

childhood grandma

(Thankfully most of us did not spend our childhood times during the tough times during World War 2 – Image source:

My grandmother – from my mother’s side is about 75 now (75 or 70, she can’t recall for she is not sure which year she was born).

She was born in Malaysia (Malaya back then), lived in Taiping where her father (my great grandfather) had a grocery shop (which meant they had rice for meals). She had a sister and 2 brothers and thanks to her father’s resourcefulness, the whole family survived through the Japanese occupation during the War World 2 (not making any trouble with the Japanese helped too).

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