Stop the bull-shitting

(We changed the Government because we had enough of the bull-shitting from the old Government. Image source:

What the…!

From Malaysiakini:-

Selangor PKR leader S Manikavasagam will not relinquish his post as the party’s state liaison deputy chief, said his political secretary M Shanmugam today. “Manikavasagam will retain his post as PKR deputy liaison chief for Selangor following the suspension of the person behind the demolition,” said Shanmugam (his political secretary)

Why I had a feeling that this going to happen?… [Click to read the rest] “Stop the bull-shitting”

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Temple Fiasco & MP Resigning

(It took me sometime to digest the political “good & bad PR” that has been going on in the background)

Let’s all read this, very slowly…

One from Hindraf

HINDRAF hereby calls on the Selangor Government to stop playing politics and mislead the people and immediately gazette all places of worships and provide land and funding for the purposes of erection of places of worships belonging to Hindus and non-Muslims.

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Happy Birthday RPK

Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you and other ISA detainees and families.

(Have you signed the online petition? You only need to provide name and email add. We have collected 32,563 & counting signatures so far)

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Magic 101: The Vanishing Egg

More on the “egg” thing…

This time is David Copperfield performing “magic” using eggs and a chicken. The girl’s expression is priceless.

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Insulting the Egg?

Something that I been thinking of doing but putting it off – to housekeep my links. There are new links that I need to update and some old links that I need to remove. Anyone who wants to exchange, put a comment in this post.

(Anything for cheap publicity. Image source:[Click to read the rest] “Insulting the Egg?”

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Who I am going to kill?

(The “softest” response to the idiots on the road. Image source:

I wrote and talked about this more than once (here, here, here and I am sure many more in future)…

I was “cruising” in the middle of the 3 lane highway along LDP last night. I was tired and just wanted to reach home for dinner and a good sleep.… [Click to read the rest] “Who I am going to kill?”

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MIC: Free Hindraf 5


Ya, why not? When Malaysians, in general, are condemning the blatant use of ISA, one might as well join in the bandwagon, right?

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Tech News 101: XP Desktop, Improved WordPress Theme

alize desktop theme wallpaper

For start, I revamped my desktop be like this when Alizee had me going weird this morning.

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RPK & Alizee

(Cool songs antidote for depressing days. Singer Alizee – image source:

It does not look too good…

Raja Petra been sent to Kamunting for 2 years (ya, this time the Baldy was “man” enough to admit it), the circus is still much in power (with Sleepy still in the pilot’s seat), Anwar delayed his deadline (until when, no one is sure but the longer he delays, the more he loses the momentum), the fuel remains high (when the international is going down) and good days are yet to be seen.… [Click to read the rest] “RPK & Alizee”

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It’s all in the taste?

(Some dog foods are of far better quality than the food we eat these days. Image source:

Contrast this:-

A Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is shocked to learn that only RM4.50 per day is allocated for food to each detainee in the lock-up.

With this:-

Another ex-detainee, Inter¬national Move¬ment for a Just World (JUST) chair¬man Dr Chan¬dra Muzaf¬far, said he was given normal food just like what he would have had at home during his 52-day detention.

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