It almost a perfect weekend…almost

I had my expensive watch fixed, took my wife for shopping (that is a surprise), took the family to see a movie (a well made “The Dark Knight“), drove to Tanjung Malim to see an old uncle (had a good chat on Hindraf & MIC – details later) and completed some long outstanding chores at home (hung up the huge mirrors on the living room).

Almost perfect except for the part where I had an accident and my 2 car doors are in a wreck. One is bad but the other has a small dent but both need major fixes – probably new skin and a new paint job – easily to cost me RM600!

But here’s the fucked up part – there was no other vehicles involved in the accident and I have no one to blame but me.

We were at Tanjung Malim to visit an old uncle – the lane in front of the house can only cater one car at one time, so parking was tricky. The uncle pointed a good spot to park (I should have listened to him) and just when I was about to park, my dad pointed another spot – up a small hill and on grassy space. I doubted that I could drive up the hill – the path was not smooth but still I went for it.

Big mistake!

I reversed the car and just when I was turning left, there was a loud crash. I must have hit on the side and when I went out, I saw what I have hit – a large concrete drainage structure – quite “invisible” from the inside of the car.

I end up parking at the spot where the uncle asked me to park – originally! Stupid decision and bad driving made a “dent” on my weekend. Otherwise it would have been perfect!

(No pictures of the dents – I am too distraughted to snap photos)

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