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Personal 101: The Day I Wrecked My Beloved Car

personal chores washing house

It almost a perfect weekend – almost nice to get some personal chores done after putting it off for some time now. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

I had my expensive watch fixed, took my wife for shopping (that is a surprise), took the family to see a movie (a well made “The Dark Knight“), drove to Tanjung Malim to see an old uncle (had a good chat on Hindraf & MIC – details later) and completed some long outstanding chores at home (hung up the huge mirrors on the living room).

The drive to Tanjung Malim was quite fun and smooth considering the traffic was not heavy. It was an almost perfect trip except for the part where I had a personal accident and my 2 car doors are in a wreck. One is badly dented but the other has a small dent but I was sure that both need major fixes – probably new skin and a new paint job – easily to cost me more than RM600!

But here’s the fucked up part – there were no other vehicles involved in the accident and I have no one to blame but me. You can say that it was a self-made accident.

We were at Tanjung Malim to visit an old uncle – the lane in front of the house can only cater to one car at one time, so parking was tricky. I did not want to park my car on the one-way lane and block others. I used to remember the lane as bigger when I was small.

The uncle pointed a good spot to park (I should have listened to him) and just when I was about to park, my dad, pointed another spot – up a small hill and on grassy space. I doubted that I could drive up the hill – the path was not smooth as the grass seems wet (I had my doubts on the traction of my tires) but still, I went for it.

Big mistake!

I reversed the car and just when I was turning left, there was a loud crash. I must have hit on the side and when I went out, I saw what I have hit – a large concrete drainage structure – quite “invisible” from the inside of the car. Somehow I missed this drainage when we first stopped the car.

I end up parking at the spot where the uncle asked me to park – originally! Stupid decision and bad driving made a “dent” on my weekend. Otherwise, it would have been perfect!

(No pictures of the dents – I am too distraught to snap photos)

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