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Outbreak 2020: Time to Lock Up Really Stupid People!!

stupid covid19 virus

Seriously, despite the obvious implications, there are still really stupid people out there who not only endanger themselves with their stupidity but also endanger others with massive infections. They have become as dangerous as the COVID19 virus which had killed more than 700,000 people around the world. Don’t they read and watch the news? Are these people just plain stupid? Image source: LifeHack

Just look at the recent scale of stupidity in Malaysia that has created another COVID19 cluster:-

As the Sivagangga cluster was a result from the non-compliance of the HSO, Dr Noor Hisham said 425 people have been screened from this cluster.

From the 425 people, 21 were positive Covid-19,362 tested negative while 42 others are still waiting for the results.

Dr Noor Hisham said the Sivagangga cluster involved the owner of a restaurant who had returned to Malaysia from India, and was placed on the HSO.

But, he noted that the individual, the index case, did not comply with the HSO rules.

He added that the contact tracing in this case was made even more difficult for the district and state health departments, as the restaurant did not use the mySejahtera application or had recorded the information of customers who had visited the place.

On Monday (Aug 3), one case was reported from the Sivagangga cluster, in which the person was a customer at the restaurant.

“The person did a Covid-19 test at a private healthcare facility on July 27, and the result from the Rapid Test Kit Antibody came back negative. On July 31, he had symptoms of fever and cough but he did not contact the district or state health clinic to get treatment.

“Only a day later after being involved in activities related to Hari Raya Aidiladha, he was informed of being a close contact of the index case. Following that, a RT-PCR test was done and he was found to be positive.

“He has since been admitted to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah for further treatment,” he said during his media briefing on Monday (Aug 3).
When asked about threats directed towards the index case in the Sivagangga cluster, Dr Noor Hisham urged the public not to take the law into their own hands and to follow the law.

“The individual had breached the rules and we have fined the individual,” he added.


What’s wrong with these people?

Did they have their heads in the ground all this time?

One idiot despite put on HSO decides that his itchiness to enjoy his normal lifestyle took precedent over other people’s life. Unfortunately, all that the authorities could do is to fine the idiot and nothing else more. And as at todate, Malaysia recorded 12 new cases in Perlis, Kedah and Penang all from this one idiot who took things for granted and did not use his brains.

Then we had this case of stupidity relating to another idiot who returned home from overseas:-

A man lied about travelling overseas and threw away his wristband at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) before continuing his journey to Tawau to avoid home quarantine.

The man had contacted the office to say he had lost the wristband but investigations found that he had given false information when filling in the health declaration form at KLIA to go to Tawau.


These 2 examples of stupidity only prove that stupidity can be dangerous and a real pain in the neck. Consider the amount of work the authorities to trace all potential carriers who had come in contacts with these 2 idiots.

The restaurant did not register its customers so anyone could have come and gone and went to infect others. The other guy gave false information to the authorities which basically lying to the authorities to avoid quarantine. These people should not be just fined but also should be jailed as bio-weapon terrorists.

Soon we had the situation was getting even bizarre:-

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah revealed today that 24.8 per cent of those undergoing the Home Surveillance Order (HSO) from July 7 to 20 did not use the Home Assessment Tool function — a feature for individuals to undergo self-assessment that needs to be done every day during the quarantine period at home which is for 14 days.

Even more alarming was his revelation that 10 per cent of more than 18,000 of those who should have finished their home quarantine did not even undergo their second screening on the 13th day of quarantine to ensure they are free of Covid-19.

“So far, the number of travellers returning from abroad, namely Persons Under Surveillance (PUS) who are required to undergo HSO, is 31,674 and the number who have completed the quarantine period is 18,416.

“We have informed PDRM to take action against the 10 per cent who are non-compliant. We hope the police can locate every one of the 10 per cent,” he said during the Health Ministry’s press conference today.


So it was the right decision for the Government to enforce 14 days quarantine at designated quarantine centres/hotels where they can make sure these people don’t go roaming around infecting others and making things worse. It will also be easier for the authorities to make the 2nd COVID19 test before they are left off to go back home.

covid19 stupid quarantine virus

This is the latest workflow on how the Malaysians and other foreigners coming back to the country will be processed for the 14 days quarantine. Whilst this makes things more strict and in better control of the import cases, it does adds some extra work for Malaysians who are now at overseas and wanting to come back home.

Malaysians overseas now have to get a clearance letter from the Malaysian Embassy in the respective countries and depending on the airline, may be forced to take another COVID19 test, 72 hours before the actual flight. This means I would be taking in total 6 COVID19 tests just for 1 overseas trip. It is a good thing if you think about it that you are continually being tested for the virus but then it is also costly as these tests are not cheap!!

We do not need another major cluster happening due to dumb people and greedy businesses not following the SOP from the authorities. Heavier punishment will definitely help in fighting stupidity – just imagine idiots who don’t follow the SOP, lied to the authorities and caused further infection is not only fined heavily and also jailed for a long period. Trust me; people will get smarter without any hesitation.

Such stupidity needs to end right here, right now!

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