A Good Question but…

MCA asks:-

“The pertinent question to be asked now is: have these people (lower rung of society) ever benefited from the NEP in the past three decades?

Will we get a truthful answer? Or lies as usual (whilst the corrupt and rich continues to abuse the “Never Ending Policy” to make more money and consolidate more power)?… [Click to read the rest] “A Good Question but…”

Stone Age in Malaysia

(The state of some Malaysians in this modern global village. Image source: http://sun.com.na)

I wonder why we have to keep going back to the Stone Age?

From theStar:-

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has defended the appointment of a non-bumiputra as the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) acting general manager, saying that she is a senior officer who has served for 33 years.

[Click to read the rest] “Stone Age in Malaysia”

Project 101: Why We Need Beautiful Art?

art mona lisa

(When it comes to art, this is my target in my mind but if I could do almost similar, that is good enough. Image source: http://tutinonka.wordpress.com)

There is a vacant wall in my living room that is begging to be covered with a large beautiful artwork or some colourful painting.… [Click to read the rest] “Project 101: Why We Need Beautiful Art?”

Fiction or Fact?

This headline grabbed my attention:-

Expect cheaper food, Shahrir tells Malaysians

Ya, as many things, we Malaysians have been expecting price of many things to go down after the reduction of fuel price. One thing we have yet to see coming down is the price of food.

So, Shahrir, its “nice” to hear that cheaper food is on the way to the level of fellow Malaysians but it has to pass the huge hurdle of greedy food sellers, suppliers, transportation companies and producers / manufacturers.… [Click to read the rest] “Fiction or Fact?”


(I have been tagged but the thing is, creativity juice is not flowing last few days but will try to write something over the weekends (ya, have given this “excuse” many times over, he he) and true, BJ can spell something else too)

(Image source: http://www.johncow.com)

So, Hindraf has been banned…

The “Botak” thinks he has made a smart move – it is either this or invoking the ISA or if everything fails, setting roadblocks all over city and blame it on Hindraf.… [Click to read the rest] “Banned!”

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