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Youtube Classic 101: World’s Largest Record Collection

Paul Mawhinney Record Largest

(The man and his huge record collection – Image source: Gizmodo)

It is a story about a man and his world largest record collection. Paul Mawhinney has 3 million records & 300,000 CDs, some in pristine condition and some probably is the only copy in the world. Paul is 69 years old and is not in good health.

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Seriously he is worried about his collection – on the years it took him to collect, archived and cared for his collection. And there is no one to take over it once he is gone. His collection worth USD50 million but he is willing to depart with it for a mere USD3 million. Some young artist makes USD3 million with one closed eyes these days.

Interestingly no private or public collector came forth and all looks too gloomy for Mr Paul.

What if no one buys Paul’s collection and the collection “dies” with him? But at the end of the day, there seems to be some good news, Mr Paul managed to sell his collection for USD3 million via eBay.

Watch the video (which been excellently executed) and you will share Paul’s concerns. What “collections” that we have toiled all these years and have no one to take over once we have gone?

Think about it.

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