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The ideal Prime Minister of Malaysia

Kavilan tagged me a lot time ago with his post titled “5 People/Groups That I’d Rather Have as the Prime Minister of Malaysia”. As I was busy with the NaNoWriMo project, I have held back doing this post (sorry, bro)

Here it goes…

The 5 People/Groups That I’d rather have as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in no particular order are as follows:-

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Anwar Ibrahim

Seriously folks, take a good look around and tell me, who is the “most capable” guy to run the show? Certainly it is not scandal tainted Najib and his equally scandal tainted wife! Anwar Ibrahim’s directions and aspirations make more sense than 100 Pak Lah put together. Anwar may have his misgivings earlier but at the current form, he has been spot-on on many issues facing common Malaysians and his hard work to bring together the various opposition parties has been commendable (a sign of a good leader).

Raja Petra

Well, he does not have to run the show all by himself (if he wants to) but appoint the right persons to be the next Prime Minister and keep that person on toe with nail biting blog posts in Malaysia Today (keeping the power to sack the slack Prime Minister, of course)

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The Vulcans

Do I need to say more? They are indeed “so brilliant, so logical and so pointy” and by the way, less corrupted and greedy too!

You can never go wrong with Mr Spock in Putrajaya and if any politicians try to act funny, racists or stupid, Spock can always use his Vulcan nerve pinch on the idiots and deport them to the dark side of the moon.


Pughazhendhi who, you may ask? And why him?

Because he suspends “on the spot” inefficient and corrupt government officers and goes after corrupted politicians as well. He did all right in Mudhalvan and he will do better in Malaysia

And finally…

(Image source: Wikipedia)

Josiah Bartlet

One of the best “American Presidents” around – we certainly can use his wisdoms and on the spot decisions for a better Government.

President Bartlet potrays “an idealized president, endowed with a fierce intellect, great (though not infallible) personal integrity, toughness tempered with essential compassion for the less fortunate, and a sense of humor” (hardly the characteristics you find in lowly Malaysian politicians).

2 thoughts on “The ideal Prime Minister of Malaysia”

  1. Live long….. and prosper…

    Kaboom! Klingons attack Putrajaya!

    Oh wait… they’re here already… One of the Indian “leader”‘s head DOES look like a Klingon’s.

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