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Daddy, don’t go!


(It’s hard to say NO to the big boss)

There is a scheduled overseas deployment this year and it is likely to be one of the longest to date – about 6 months away from home.

The actual departure date has not been firmed up but it will be finalised in the next 5 months or so. Feeling the heat of my departure is my son who has grown phobia to the word “airport” and “work”.

I was lying down on bed last night when my son climbed over and slept beside me. He did not disturb me but refused to go down despite my wife is calling him to go to sleep on his own bed. He turned around and started to show me the shadow of his hands.

I started to chat with him and somewhere in my chatting; I mentioned the word “airport”. My son stopped chatting with me and climbed on top of me and just hugged me, burying his face on my shoulders. He did not let go and when I finally carried him off, I noticed his face had turned red and tears on his eyes.

He slowly said “Daddy, don’t go to airport. You can go to office but don’t go to airport”

My son only started to smile after I assured him that I am NOT going to the airport so soon. We continued to play with the shadows until he finally dozed off.

Damn, it is going to be very hard when the departure date actually comes.

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