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What Road Rage?

(Mildest response to those who provoke others – Image source:

You may have heard it before…

An “innocent” driver got bashed up by a road bully and after lying in coma for couple of days, comes out and has a press conference, emphasizing on how innocent he was and how maniac the road bully was. The public seems to take pity on the victim (especially if the victim’s face had become unrecognisable after taking all the beating) and angry on how dangerous the roads have become.

The thing is road rage will not happen without some kind of provocation. It is high chance that the “innocent” victim may not be so innocent after all. All it needs is some small provocation to heat things up – changing lanes without proper indicator (or for some ladies, proper space and gap), hogging on the fast lane (this is a classic), illegal road racing, cutting in and out of traffic recklessly and many more.

Sometimes, it gets to a point where rule abiding road users (ahem, like me) are so pissed off with these “innocent” wrong doers and wonder whether the best response to it would be to bash up the idiots (perhaps making them a cripple in the process, so that other road users will be able to drive without any undue provocations in future)

Last week, I encountered an idiot who deserved to be bashed up along LDP

I suppose to pick someone from the IOI Business Centre and the entrance to this building is just off the extreme left lane of the LDP Highway. As I was approaching the entrance, I noticed a Honda Civic at the entrance with the indicators on. From a far, at a cruising speed of 60 km/h, it looked like the car was about to turn into the building front compound – left indicators on, at the entrance and off the main road lane.

But as I approach the car nearer, I realised that the car was not moving. I was right at the back of the car and I horned the car to move so that I could drive into the entrance but the car did not move (the idiot must have thought that the main lane is a good place to park the car). High beam and more horning did nothing.

So, I had to drive out on the faster lane and cut in right in front the idiot to enter the building area. I parked and waited for the pick-up. More cars wanted to enter the building area but the driver of the Honda Civic that was blocking the entrance and did not move an inch. If the driver was waiting for someone, she (ya a lady driver – why I am not surprised?) could have drove into the building compound where ample free parking is available.

Finally the driver relented and moved – clearing the entrance. But she did the next stupid thing – she moved up to block the exit.

Damn, I started to wonder how far this idiot driver would go to provoke a very violent response to her idiotic driving style.

True enough, when I exited, I found the idiot was blocking my way. Finding great courage to keep my anger down, I horned the idiot to move out from the exit area. It probably took micro seconds for the idiot to realise that I am not going to be nice the next time around. She backed her car to allow me to leave but guess where she backed to? Back to blocking the entrance!

Idiots – comes in all shapes and sizes. Yeah, they also come in Honda Civic. Had she did not back off her car on time, she likely to have gotten a steering lock smashed into her windscreen. The next time road rage victim claims innocence, ask the question “what you did to provoke the deserving response?”

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