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Highway 101: Real Emergency Queue Jumper? Well, it’s possible!

emergency lane queue jumper

(Some people do not know how to queue. They will just use the emergency lane to cut through the traffic jam)

Last weekend, we had an invitation from a relative for a short gathering. To drive to KL, we opted to use the North-South highway and cut out at Jalan Duta.

When we reached the toll booth, we were confronted by the heavy traffic jam at the toll booth. We joined one of the lanes and patiently queued up. There were about 10 cars in front of us when a taxi from the next lane (the taxi had about 20 plus cars in front) decided to exit from its lane, drive all the way up to the front of our lane and tried to cut in.

I hate queue jumpers so seeing this taxi conveniently tried to cut in, I started to curse the driver and prayed that the drivers at the front will not give in to this taxi driver. My prayers were answered when a couple of cars up front decided to stay close and block the taxi driver from cutting in.

It came to a point where the taxi was forced to “park” at the middle of 2 toll lanes and made to wait for someone to let the taxi in. From the back, I am laughing away at this taxi driver – he deserved it anyway and has rightfully forced to wait for his turn. He could have stayed in his own lane and dealt with less cursing.

I told my wife on what’s been happening upfront but instead getting an assenting reply, my wife said that no one will queue jump without any valid reasons. Probably the taxi driver is rushing to the hospital.

That made me rethink about the situation – it is not exactly true that no one will queue jump without any reasons. Queue jumpers jump as they are selfish, arrogant and have no patience bastards. All they need for an excuse is a minor traffic jam upfront and wham bam, they are cutting queue.

I looked and noticed that there was no one in the back seat. I told my wife and she retorted back and said maybe the “injured” person is lying down. I looked at the taxi – there was no hazard light whatsoever and said that it was possible. Very remote but possible.

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