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All yours, son

(Image source: Shell Malaysia)

I was at SHELL petrol station the other day, pumping petrol when I noticed my son tapped on the window and pointed at something. He motioned me to look at the direction. It was a poster of SHELL’s Ferrari car collection. He wind down the window and said “Daddy, I want the yellow one”.

I looked up and as much as I wanted to buy the Ferrari collections, spending another RM8.90 then was not right at that moment. I told my son that I will buy it the next time but he persisted. To cut short his demand, I told him that the station did not have any stock of the yellow and I will buy it once the stock is available (this was a lie of course but knowing my son, he won’t let go until he hears a “reasonable” reason).

The next day, my son followed my sister for some shopping and on the way back, my sister stopped at another SHELL petrol station and this time, my son managed to convince her to buy the yellow Ferrari. He came back looking rather triumphed.

But knowing my son and the condition of toys that he have, the yellow Ferrari won’t last a week. My wife and my sister decided to put the model car in my showcase and asked him to wait for me to come back from work. I guess he must have waited impatiently for me to come back as he was running out to me as I parked my car. He showed the car and asked whether he could play with it, which I readily said yes. He played for a while and then passed back to me and asked me to put it back in the showcase.

He looked at me as I was putting the car back in the showcase. I looked at him back and said that all those things in the showcase (model cars, bikes, old photos, foreign currency notes and coins) will be his when he grows up. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts – here I am, getting ready to hand over my legacy to the next generation.

I did not know what he was thinking…he came close and just hugged me. The model car is coming out from the showcase again tonight

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1 thought on “All yours, son”

  1. I fully support your comment there and I think its time all those politican and those leaders to tell their supporters that they are all Malaysians. Not Indians, Chinese, Malays and so forth. Its damn stupid. To those Indians I would like to ask, They might be welcomed to India but they still will have to use the Malaysian Passport and apply for Visa don’t they? like wise the same applies to the Chinese. And the Malays…. They have to accept the fact that we are now living the more advance world and its time that we have to live and work side by side. We cannot manage our country alone……. Thanks to you all, I am a true Malaysian Because My father is of Chinese Origin, My mother is of Melanau Origin, My mother’s mother is of Malay Origin, My father’s mother is of Bidayuh origin while my wife is of Iban origin, I am trully proud that I celebrate all ocassion and celebration eventough I am a muslim. I have a Christian in-laws, I have Buddist Uncles and Aunties and sure it is one big Malaysian Families.

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