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Nature 101: On A Mission To Find Mysterious Green Bird

Nicobar Pigeon Nature Green Mission

I have been tasked with a crucial mission by my son to find out the name of this bird which he noticed on one of the web pages on the internet.

It is a picture of a bird on a branch facing the back (the narration on the website states “Unknown bird sitting on a branch at the Bronx Zoo in the Bronx, New York”).

The color of the bird feather is intriguing enough to be captured as wallpaper. My son having a look at the wallpaper on my laptop asked me whether I can “turn” the bird around for him to have a look at the front. I explained to him that it was not possible as it is just wallpaper.

Not letting down on his questioning, he then asked me the name of the bird. Not knowing what is the name of the bird, I simply answered “Green Bird” but he was quick to answer that there is no such thing as “Green Bird”.

I then told him that is an Amazonian Bird (thinking he does not know about Amazon). He asked me what the name of the Amazonian Bird was. I looked at the wallpaper again, studied the feathers, and replied that it is a small peacock from the Amazon.

He then looked at the wallpaper and said that it does not look like the peacock that he knows – the tall colorful feathers were missing.

I then gave up and told him that I check the internet and got the answer. Only then, he “released” me from his questioning. Now I have a mission to be completed.

Update: Thanks to FW, I might have cracked the mystery – the bright green bird is Nicobar Pigeon – click here for details.

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