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April 2009

Just Clueless

(Some things are just too obvious. Image source:


You can’t help deducting that there are way too many clueless guys running about in MIC these days especially when one makes unnecessary statements in the press as this:-

PUTRAJAYA: Comments by MIC leaders were taken more seriously 10 to 15 years ago when the party was seen as the sole representative of Malaysian Indians and enjoyed the support of about 90% of the community.

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A Mystery

Unsuspecting, I got my son into the car yesterday morning, unlocked the main gates and drove out to send my son to school.

When I came back, somehow I decided not to park the car in the driveway but instead I parked just outside the house. As I walked back, I noticed something on the driveway.… [Click to read the rest] “A Mystery”

False Police Report

It looks like there is a joker on loose in the state of Perak

From Kickdefella:-

“I didn’t know about the said article. I was informed by my staff and I lodged a report,” he said.

When asked if he realised that he could have tarnished Malaysiakini reputation with his police report, Mohd Hilmi asked: “Isn’t Malaysiakini the same as Malaysian Today or some other blogs?”

[Click to read the rest] “False Police Report”

2009 Pulitzer Prize Photographer

The 2009 Breaking News Photography Pulitzer was awarded to Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald for his coverage of the victims of disastrous storms in Haiti in 2008.

One of the moving photos that caught my eyes was this:-

Photo Notes: Frantz Samedi holds his lifeless 5-year-old daughter, Tamasha Jean, who died when Hurricane Ike’s flood waters swept children and the elderly from their homes in the small Haitian town of Cabaret in this Sept.[Click to read the rest] “2009 Pulitzer Prize Photographer”

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