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Personal 101: When Sometimes Life Sucks Big Time!

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We all know that life sucks but we always have this weird feeling that we should just ignore and piss on the unfairness, don’t we? Image source: Amazon

Yes, life sucks indeed.

Last Monday, I opened the Sports Toto results and saw the winning numbers – 5, 6, 17, 20, 36 and 48. I then took out my ticket from my wallet and checked them. My numbers were 5, 6, 17, 20…but the last 2 numbers were different. Damn, I missed RM2.499 million by lousy 2 combinations. Yes, life sucks but it sounded even worst on a Monday morning with work piled up on the table.

We were in Penang last weekend – it was a business trip but we manage to squeeze some good rest and beer drinking sessions in between. The sky was clear and the business appointments went without any glitches.

Unfortunately, when I came back, I realised that the haze was still bad and daily life seems gloomy. Whilst I am sure the Fire & Rescue Department is working hard to extinguish the various bush fires, there is a serious doubt whether the proper effort is made to curtail open air burning by irresponsible people. Thankfully the heavy rain in the last few days helped to clear the air but it is just a temporary relief.

We are yet to see a proper permanent solution to curb the source of haze from Malaysia and Indonesia. Until then, the air is dry, dirty and smelly and it is affecting everyone’s life.

On the other side of the spectrum, the circus in the political arena is still ongoing on a high note with no clear solution to the deadlock in the state of Perak. The BN politicians are not happy with PR politicians whilst the PR politicians are not happy with BN politicians. In between, NGOs and the people are not happy with both PR politicians and BN politicians.

Yes, life sucks even for Hindraf who seems to be forever not happy with anyone not looking after certain community’s affairs. All the sudden, there are talks of a unity government and now PAS wants to sleep with UMNO. BN is using this to the maximum to create enough cracks within the opposition unity.

Politicians seem to be on a perpetual break and for many of us, yet to sit down to manage the country’s affairs. It is a big question on who is really managing the economy, the H1N1 flu pandemic, environment, education and other issues that are more pertinent to common Malaysians.

There is still wayang kulit (shadow play) when it comes to empowering the enforcement agencies in this country. Although it is crystal clear who are the wrong-doers of the PKFZ fiasco, no action is yet to be taken on then. Yes, it sucks on the enforcement side of life too.

Instead, time and resources are being wasted on setting up committees, probing task forces and other delaying tactics, perhaps hoping the “intensity” of the crime mild down and can be safely swept under the carpet.

Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin said “Government is seriously pursuing investigations into the matter”. Yes, we have heard such a statement many times before. The question is why keep waiting when this fiasco is not something new and was publically known all years ago.

On the other end, 700 Iranians got a mild taste of what Malaysian life will usually get when they are confronted by Malaysian Police during a public protest. Couple more protests and the Iranians will be treated with additional “perks” like arrests.

Interestingly we did not hear the same rough treatment when MIC and other NGOs protested in front of the Sri Lankan embassy. At least, the Iranians are protesting on something that is happening in their own country.

The weather looks gloomy indeed….

3 thoughts on “Personal 101: When Sometimes Life Sucks Big Time!”

  1. Missed by two numbers! Ahaks! Else, you are a millionaire now, man!

    Kinda tired with the political fiasco now, what with the smart guy from the country down south came to teach us how to run the country. Life shuckss!

    ps: Those Iranians, I bet they haven’t been in Malaysia for long enough 😛

  2. Bongkersz – I probably need to frame up my ticket to show how close I came to the “big” one, sigh…4 out 6 combination number was spot on.

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