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Design 101: The Best of Star Wars Architectures

star wars architecture design

The Death Star from the Star Wars universal was 120 kilometres in diameter. Much of its interior space was devoted to systems required to maintain its massive super laser and power plant. At the heart of the Death Star is a gigantic hyper matter reactor. Within this chamber burned a fusion reaction of prodigious proportions, fed by stellar fuel bottles lining its periphery (Star Wars Databank)

The 10 Best Architecture in the ‘Star Wars’ Galaxy as nominated by The Architect’s Journal

1. The Second Death Star

2. Jabba the Hutt’s palace, Tatooine

3. Jedi Temple, Coruscant

4. Coruscant, the whole thing

5. Artisanal dwellings, Tatooine

6. Echo Base, Hoth

7. Bright Tree Village, Endor

8. Sandcrawler, Tatooine

9. Senate Building, Coruscant

10. Cloud City, Bespin

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