Ya Right, Khir!

(You all don’t trust this face ah? I have nothing to gain from the toppling the current MB lah.  I am angel, trust me lah. Image source: http://dppwp.wordpress.com)

From theStar:-

Meanwhile, when contacted, the politician, who was overseas, said the allegations were baseless. “I have nothing to gain by toppling the Selangor government,”

Ya right, Khir – you have nothing to gain from toppling the Selangor government, just like BN gained “nothing” when they toppled the Perak government?… [Click to read the rest] “Ya Right, Khir!”

Childhood Memories: Part 15 – Fast Exciting Motorcycle Grand Prix

grand prix superbike motorcycle

Still, remember the time when Formula 1 was unknown and a distance away and all we have was the Bike GP (Grand Prix)?

And to colour them was Rothmans Honda, Lucky Strike Suzuki and Marlboro Yamaha. I still remember entering my uncle’s room one day and there on the wall, was a large poster of Kevin Schwantz taking a corner on his Lucky Strike Suzuki.… [Click to read the rest] “Childhood Memories: Part 15 – Fast Exciting Motorcycle Grand Prix”

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