H1N1 – 13th Death & Rising

Hello MOH, what’s going on?

(Why more deaths now than last time – where is the leakage in control & monitoring? Image source: http://www.javno.com)

As at yesterday, Malaysia recorded the 13th death from H1N1 and unfortunately recent deaths involves young children.

Why we did not see many deaths at the start of the outbreak and only after thousands of people have recovered, we are seeing more deaths on daily basis? Was it because we were more alert at the start of the outbreak?

The question then arise is whether the Government had laxed on their close monitoring of the flu pandemic. Thrown into this equation is people’s attitude towards the flu and responsiveness of the local hospitals in detecting the virus.

Meanwhile, I will flying on an assignment and will be out of Malaysia for the next 2 weeks, thus blogging may be sporadic. Hopefully situation in Malaysia will improve by the time I come back

0 thoughts on “H1N1 – 13th Death & Rising

  1. MOH dunno wth to do..
    After spending like tons of money getting people in klia to check passengers,still people are dying.

    I tried login on to moh site to learn more info about h1n1, also down. =;=! dielar like this

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