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Governance 101: Let’s Not Forget Other Critical Issues

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One of the oldest tricks in the book especially in Malaysia – if everyone’s attention is on one particular issue, create a diversion to distract the attention and hope people will forget about the older issue. Image source:

Whilst we are dealing with the court decision on the use of the word “Allah’ and the recent attack on religious places and the Government trying to contain the damage done, let’s not forget one other important issues that have not come to a proper closure, namely:-

The missing F5E jet engines – the good thing is there have been arrests have been made and the location of the missing engines been vaguely identified (Iran can be ruled out for now) BUT todate only 2 small fish have been caught (one sergeant and one company director). Have they forgotten the bigger fish?

This is because it is highly unbelievable that just one lowly ranked military personal can nip off 2 large fighter jet engines from a highly secured military base and transport it all the way from Malaysia to South America. It is not that they took a box of stationery and put it in their pockets and walked away.

The PKFZ fiasco is another that is pending a proper or rather forgotten conclusion – once again, some progress after a long delay (and a change of PM) – arrests have been made. Once again, no big fish has been caught and the loss of millions remains unanswerable. Who is going to end up paying for the spiralling cost – taxpayers as usual?

Did they forget the oil royalty was demanded by the Kelantan State Government? This is one glaring failure of the Federal Government to act as a “Federal Government” and this is was not the only case. The duplicity of work and funding to Federal “agents” at the State level to undermine the work of the Pakatan Rakyat led State Government is a sheer act of sabotage and ridiculing the concept of Federal Government.

Did they forget the illegal transfer of money by money changers? We have yet to bring the people who have been transferring millions into the limelight and ask them how they managed to cumulate so much money especially the politicians. Perhaps MACC has been too busy with other things?

Of course, having said this, we still have the aged old problem – the creation of united Malaysia with issues with social contract and segregation of wealth properly resolved, the issue of religious converts and religious places (such as the management and relocation of Hindu temples), economy (we are still “better than Ghana” but we are far off against other countries in the region and at an embarrassing gap) and effectiveness of the battle against corruption (read MACC) and wastages of public fund (read the yearly Auditor General report).

Let’s not be distracted and forget…

5 thoughts on “Governance 101: Let’s Not Forget Other Critical Issues”

  1. Dear BJ,

    Didn’t I mention somewhere before that this ‘ALLAH’ issue is just a diversion or ‘faking’ as some countries call it.

    Malaysians are now much smarter and we do not easily fall for these kind of tricks.

    Those two ‘goons’ who were caught pertaining to the missing F5E engines; are they real? Why both Indians? The next episode will surely be Chinese. Looks like another Atlantuya scam, doesn’t it?

    Best regards.

    1. Ha ha – we have seen such thing happening many, many times – in the past, they hope that Malaysians make some noise at the beginning but after a while, forget about it until the same incident happens again. But that was in the past. Nowadays, Malaysians have keeping track of things very, very closely

  2. Dear BJ,

    Here’s something that I heard ‘from the grapevine’ this afternoon during lunch at Lake Club. The source is definitely reliable.

    The two missing F5E engines were actually marked for disposal a long time ago and they cannot be used except only for cannibalising. In the books, they both have been depreciated to zero value, or to make the books a bit nicer, at RM1 each. Both are waiting for the next process to dispose them by open tender. However, the actual tendering process is so cumbersome that it would take years for items like these to be physically disposed off and this process, as far as the RMAF or even the government is concern, does not take priority. That’s why, if you go and visit military bases, especially those logistics stations including those that belong to the Royal Malaysian Police, you will find tons and tons of items waiting to be disposed including old vehicles, furniture, computers, etc.

    There are many more items in the RMAF store which are already marked for disposal or scrapping or even to be written off. These items are stored at a location with the lowest security grading and even if someone takes out one or two items, nobody would bother and that includes the two engines. Nobody cares!

    How they came out with a value of RM300,000.00 each is a mystery.

    So, what’s the big deal?

    Best regards.

    1. hak55 – the 2 ‘goons’ must be either too smart to pull the whole thing by themselves OR there are more to this than just 2 low ranking people in the crime and thus there have a major cover-up OR our security at military bases are just too lax. But your 2nd comment that items may been marked for disposal and thus kept at a lower secured place and the 2 goons just took the opportunity that presented itself make sense too.

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