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Special Projects 101: Car Makeover 2010 (Update 1)

project car headlights

(Next change in Phase 2 special projects and it is not going to be simple as using polish to clear the headlights – Image source:

Phase 1 – change of worn-out front and back suspension components, repair of cabin light (which has been short-circuiting my fuses), door lock malfunction and repair of the dents on 2 doors (eyesore for many months).

Parts changed and the cost to date (excluding labour and normal service cost):-

2 rear Monroe shock absorbers
2 tie rod end
2 ball joint cover
Brake shoe rear
Suspension rod bush
Trim pillar
Lower arm bush
Lower arm bush iron
Room lamp
Left side centre lock gun
Repair and respray on 2 doors
Change of cracked interior plastics
Replacement of missing rim centre cover

Phase 2 – yet to commence (change of front light cover and seat covers)

Phase 3 – yet to commence (change to the MP3 player and perhaps brand new speakers)

Phase 4 – yet to commence (change to new rims)

Phase 5 – yet to decide (change of drum brakes to disc brakes)

To be continued…

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