Emergency in Litrak 0 (0)

Just wondering how our highway concessionaires are prepared for emergencies on the tolled highways. I got a nasty sample on how Litrak (the concessioner for LDP) handles it.

Let me relate the story.

It was just 9 in the evening as I made myself to the Sunway toll booth – to my surprise, it was jam packed and so was the lanes towards Puchong.… Click to read the rest

Childhood Memories – Part 20 0 (0)

Read the rest of the series here

(The kind of sleep that every one of us longing for. Image source: http://photopostsblog.com)

I must admit that I have been feeling very sleepy at work for the past few weeks ever since I was back from overseas.

At first, I thought that I could recover from the jet lag and difference in sleeping time but things have not improved for the better.… Click to read the rest

Anwar Ibrahim: 40 Reasons 0 (0)

The trial against Anwar Ibrahim is still on-going so it is not fair to comment on the charges against Anwar until it has been deliberated and determined in a court of law.

(The man in focus – Anwar Ibrahim. Image source: http://syahrilkadir.wordpress.com)

And yet, this piece of post titled “40 reasons why the sodomy charge against Anwar is too ridiculous to believe” by one Malaysian Spring makes an interesting read to those sitting on the bench and is wondering how the case will turn out to at end of the day.… Click to read the rest

Recycling News 0 (0)

(Poster source: http://www.theclimatecommunity.com)

Let’s talk on something else that seems to take back seat amidst the political circus in Malaysia – the environment and in particular, level of recycling in Malaysia

In early 2009, this was reported:-

Malaysia’s housing ministry bemoaned the country’s low recycling rate which is currently a dismal 5 per cent, far lower than its neighbouring South-east Asian neighbours, official news reports said Monday

Neighbouring Singapore recorded a 56% recycling rate last year and the Philippines at 12% while Malaysia’s northern neighbours Thailand boasted almost a 50% cycling rate in 2008

Another source on the net reveals that most of the developed countries have almost 50% or higher recycling rate compared to Malaysian’s 5% (it may have improved by 0.0001%… Click to read the rest

Driving Skills: 5 Types of Drivers Who Misuse the Indicators 0 (0)

This is what I usually shout when some idiots cuts into my lane without using their indicators…


(Some people are still clueless on the nature and function of this stick sticking out from the steering column. Cartoon source: https://www.freeimageslive.com)

After I had embarked on my personal ‘Overhaulin’ project, many things have changed – I have become more careful when I am on the road these days.

Gone the days when I used to be a speed demon, speeding up to traffic offenders to show my finger, fighting off with queue jumper for the right of way, riding up very close to the road hoggers and blasting them with my twin horns.

These days, it is nothing but a cool drive with my similar cool MP3 player. Someone cutting queue? No problem – perhaps they have something urgent to do. Someone hogging the road? No problem – perhaps they are just retarded.

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