Crime Index 2010: Modern Day Slavery

Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally – Abraham Lincoln

slavery modern day 2017

(When one talk about slavery, one would think of the era of Kunta Kinte but reality, unfortunately, is far from this in the modern world. The worst is in Asia. Image source: Youtube)

If you ask me, the idea of slavery after the millennium is rather shameful, considering we have passed the millennium and on (a rather rocky) path to be a developed country.

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Word Play 101: The Offensive But Funny FCUK!

language funny words

(Sometimes, in order to “tone” the offensive language down, we use the more acceptable word “screwed” instead. Image source:

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New Malaysia 101: 1Malaysia Banned On Petty Excuses

malaysia 1malaysia

(Before 2008, BN was beyond the general Malaysian’s acceptable level of arrogance and egoism. After 2008, PR provided some hope but it simply gets too political instead of getting the job done for the benefit of the people. Hopefully the “Third Force” changes the whole political landscape for the better. Image source: The People’s Parliament)

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 22 December 2010

bus death malaysia cameron highlands snippet

(News snippet – 27 people died but what caused the accident is yet to be confirmed, at least by the right people but already fingers being pointed at the driver and the bus whilst the bodies of the dead Thai tourists being sent home. Image source:

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Driving Skills 101: Stupid Thunderstorm Heroes

hero thunderstorm driving skills

(Don’t be a hero during a heavy thunderstorm and remain unnoticed to other motorists by not switching on the headlights. Image source:

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Malaysia 101: Twisted One Sided History In Malaysia?

Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters. ~African Proverb

history sejarah malaysia

(I still remember this – the history book that I used when I was young and in school. The content was more balanced then than now where it is structured to show one side of race and religion. Image source: Blues Riders)

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Movie Review: Futuristic Tron: Legacy 2010

tron legacy bike motorcycle movie

(This must be one of the slickest bikes ever – especially with cool blue lights and shiny, all-around surface. The movie Tron came out with one of the best bikes around. All images source: Fast Company. Copyright Disney)

This is one movie that looks very tempting to watch over the weekends.… [Click to read the rest] “Movie Review: Futuristic Tron: Legacy 2010”

Technology 101: Unsecured Website Astro Now Secured

astro website security

(Validation through email, SMS and PIN number – I really did not expect that from Astro after the earlier snub but then again, it is a welcome change)

A couple of years ago, I highlighted just how unsecured some of the popular websites are and one of them was Astro. I did write to them officially but the response was lukewarm (almost patronizing from the webmasters).

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Food 101: The Chaos Of Organising A Departmental Lunch

departmental lunch food tray

Sometimes, organizing a departmental lunch can be more complex than implementing a full-scale project. On the other hand, sometimes it is easier if it is cheap, healthy, tasty and a standard menu tied to it. Image source:

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Technology 101: Finding The Safest Airplane Seat

airplane seat safest

(Chances of survival in case of a crash – pick your seats wisely – it may even keep you alive in the unlikely situation. Note the irony of things – you pay more for Business Class but your chances of survival are even slimmer. Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels)

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