Blind People

I am not talking about the people with real disability but rather those road users who oblivious to the presence of other road users.

(Blind on the road is not an excuse. Image source:

Take today for instance – I encountered 3 blind people on my way to work today

First incident happened very near to my house. I saw an old Proton coming out from a residential area. Moving very slowly, the car was blocked by a Perodua Myvi and both moved to the second lane. The driver probably anxious to move ahead of this slower moving Myvi suddenly moved to the fast lane, completely oblivious to a speeding black Perdana on the fast lane. Thankfully, nothing bad happened.

Second incident happened after I have moved to the fast lane myself and a 1 – 2 minutes later, noticed that there was a car fast approaching me. By now there was a heavy traffic on the second lane so I decided to speed up and try to move back to the second lane when I have the chance. As I was speeding and managed to ‘leave’ the fast approaching car at a good distance, up in front I saw my opportunity to move back to the slower lane. Just then, the idiot from the third lane (Proton Iswara WHL 9221) decided to casually move from the third lane straight to the fast lane.

This was the time, I counted my luck of changing my whole braking system to a much better one. I slammed on the brakes and the whole four disc brake pads went into action very beautifully. The car did not lock but very firmly slowed down. I “horned” the idiot at front but nothing happen. After a while, I managed to catch up with the idiot and slowed down to see who was the idiot who almost caused a major pile up in the morning – it was a lady, looked stoned and did not turn anywhere but to the front.

I guess this must be one those drivers who don’t bother to look left or right when driving.

Third incident happened when I reached the office and was about to turn in from the main road to the building parking lot. Usually there will be plenty of people walking on the lane near the building to go to work and when a car wants to moves in from the main lane, they usually walk up fast to cross the lane or stop and wait for the car to pass first before crossing.

Not this lady who was wearing all black and continued to walk as I was making the turn from the main road. As before, she just looked straight in front and never turns her head to notice my car. I slowed down just a fraction of a second so that I pass her very, very closely (without actually hitting her). I gathered she did not notice this as she continued to walk.

Being “blind” when on the road is not a disability that can be forgiven or excused.

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  1. Yes, there are many drivers like what you described here in our country. These people need to be disciplined and then thought manners and etiquette so that they could improve and I hope the JPJ driving syllabus has this subject in it.

    I had, a couple of times, confronted these type of drivers, but when challenged, these people will normally just ‘run’ away’. Once, I deliberately ‘hit’ a car (I drive a very solid old Merc Benz 230E W123 jalopy where either getting hit or when you hit, nothing happens to the car) that was doing exactly what you described and she, yes it was a she, got furious with me but after I told her off, she drove away. Even if that driver was a man, I would have done exactly the same thing, all ready and prepared for a violent reaction and with my sleeves rolled up.

    I am writing an article on this very thing, in English and Bahasa, and when they are ready, I will send them to the respective newspapers for publication in their letter section soon.

    1. I was tempted to ‘hit’ some of the idiots on the roads – just to teach them a lesson but after thinking about, why trouble myself and my car (sorry, it is not a solid old Mercedes Benz). Agree that JPJ need to incorporate something into their syllabus to educate these blind people

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