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Driving Skills 101: 5 Types of Drivers Who Misuse the Indicators

This is what I usually shout when some idiots cut into my lane without using their indicators…

Car indicator signal driving skill

(Some people are still clueless on the nature and function of this stick sticking out from the steering column. Image source: Kuni BMW @ Youtube)

After I had embarked on my personal ‘Overhaulin’ project, many things have changed – I have become more careful when I am on the road these days.

Gone the days when I used to be a speed demon, speeding up to traffic offenders to show my finger, fighting off with queue jumper for the right of way, riding up very close to the road hoggers and blasting them with my twin horns.

These days, it is nothing but a cool drive with my similar cool MP3 player. Someone cutting queue? No problem – perhaps they have something urgent to do. Someone hogging the road? No problem – perhaps they are just retarded.

But there is one thing that I can’t stand is people cutting into my lane without any signals/indicators whatsoever.

Whilst I have been very careful not to bump into other road users, the same cannot be said of others. The last thing I want is for one stupid driver to suddenly cut lane and hit my car causing unnecessary heartache, damage and of course unnecessary money to repair.

Question – Why?

Why these morons just use their indicators?

Every vehicle – from a small bike to the largest truck – has one. And yet, many choose to ignore to use. They think that the other drivers have special physic powers – able to predict when and how these idiots are going to cut into their lanes.

The morons who don’t use their indicators come in many shapes, sizes and styles. From my past experience, you probably have an encounter with these morons:-

Type 1: The Drifters

These morons will cut from the 3rd lane, drifting in one smooth flow, all the way to the 1st lane without any indicators. Yes, they are skilful in ‘drifting’ but at the same time, they are also skilful in creating a potential multi-car pile-up in not one lane but several lanes.

Type 2: The Indecision Morons

Ha, these morons probably top the list here. When there is enough space for them to cut in, they will remain in their middle lane, still unsure whether to cut into the fast lane or slow lane. And when just when you drive up to close the gap, these morons will suddenly cut in, sometimes inches from your car.

They would probably drive on your lane for a couple of seconds before cutting back on another lane with the same indecision and again back to the fast lane, posing countless danger and anger to other road users.

Type 3: The Cut First, Indicator Later

These morons come in two variations – one that cuts in first, then for formality sake, puts on the indicator. Another cut in first and when horned, put on the indicator. There is no need to say more about this group of morons, likely to be forming the largest group of morons who are lazy to use the car indicators.

Type 4: The Indicator means King

You know the rules of cutting into other’s people’s lane, right? You look in your rear mirrors and when it is safe, I mean really, really safe, you put on the indicators and move into the lane. Surely you won’t dare to move in when there is a big truck on the next lane, wouldn’t you, right?

But not these morons – they switch on the indicators and regardless of traffic or not, regardless there is a fast car on the lane or not, they just cut in. For them, putting on the indicators means others must make way for them.

Type 5: Low Visibility Indicators

This usually happens when there is low visibility (haze or mist) or when there is a heavy thunderstorm. When there is low visibility and you see at the front a vehicle with the hazard lights on (both indicators switch on), the first presumption is that there is a car broken down in the middle of the road. In other words, there is a hazard on the road.

But some driver misuses this by switching on the hazards but continue to drive on, causing confusion & uncertainty to others. The worst would be if the other road users assumed that there is no hazard but in actual fact, there is one!

Last Say

So, I don’t understand why some people are way too lazy to use the indicators. They just need to make sure that they use it. The more they use it, the more natural it will be for them to use the indicators. I, myself don’t even think about the indicators when wanting to change lane.

My hands automatically press on the levers to indicate where I want to move. I don’t have to remember or remind myself on the indicators.

Of course, until Malaysian drivers make the major leap to be a more professional driver, I have to continue to keep my eyes for those morons who think that they are driving on their grandfather’s roads and all other road users should just back off. Until then, one has to shout “use your indicators, you moron!”

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2 thoughts on “Driving Skills 101: 5 Types of Drivers Who Misuse the Indicators”

  1. I don’t know what the driving schools in this country teach students these days and why is the JPJ approving the instructions and the instruction and teaching methods the driving schools use. Many drivers today seen on our roads don’t know how and when to use their car indicators and the other thing I always see is that many do not seem to know that or don’t care they have to give way to traffic on their right and so, they normally just zoom past when negotiating roundabouts and going to the left or the first turn, without looking at the oncoming traffic coming from the right, without slowing down and much less, without stopping before doing so!

    1. Our driving teaching methods may be screwed up but so does the quality of enforcement. No wonder many of the road offenders continue to do things that poses great danger to others

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