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Special Projects 101: Sparing the Parts Part 2

car makeover restoration project part

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Just a short extension of my earlier post

For anyone driving the national car – did you realise that you can register yourself at the Proton Parts Centre website for free and then can view and order genuine spare parts directly from Proton via Pos Malaysia.

Of course, for now, the list of items on the website is not exhaustive – it did not list the rear axle or the rear hub or the front disc brake package but interestingly it showed the prices for the various headlights and rear lights, springs, clutches and smaller other parts.

Sadly accessories items and other Proton related merchandise were not listed online but perhaps it is available from its regional offices around the country.

To be frank, I did not realise that Proton provided this facility until one had done extensive ‘googling’.

If I had known, some of the parts that I changed earlier, I could have ordered them from here. Proton should market this site and add more items for an order. Slowly reliance on second hand imported parts may just fall and the consumers will know for sure that they are using genuine parts without the need to waste time at authorised dealers.

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