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Malaysia 101: Why We Are Lacking Money for Schools?

Classroom School Malaysia Design

(How well we have designed our schools with the right environment that is conducive for better learning? Are we spending taxpayers money on real education that will create doctors, engineers and scientists or wasting it to create religious teachers? Image source: Wikipedia)

Well, just contrast these reports on the same day:-

The Johor government will build 122 more religious schools which are estimated to cost about RM200mil.

“They will be completed within the next two years,” Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said. At present, there are 552 religious schools in the state.

Speaking to newsmen after launching the Religious Teachers Day celebrations here yesterday, he said the state government had spent about RM40mil in the past five years to improve facilities in religious schools.



Private firms have been urged to each “adopt” at least one of the 523 Tamil schools nationwide which are in dire need of funds for maintenance, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah said more firms should come forward to allocate money to help these schools.

“Most Tamil schools, especially those in the estates, are in need of funds to repair their premises as they are dependent on allocations from the Education Ministry,” he was reported as saying.


That’s great – 2 types of schools with 2 kinds of treatment, right here in Najib’s so-called 1Malaysia.

In recent days, Najib has been talking about cost-cutting measures in tackling the issue of cutting down the subsidies (well, politicians can promise heaven but until they take the right first steps and enforce the right policies, it is nothing but empty talks).

Is it worth spending another RM200 million on new religious schools when the existing schools are in dire straits?

I don’t have anything against religion but given the trend of the world today, do we really need more religion “specialists” instead of more scientists, doctors, engineers or other professionals?

How about basic education in Science, Maths and Language?

Instead of wasting money on religious and Tamil and etc schools, can the Government just cut the bullshit and force everyone to go to fully funded national schools where facilities can be well maintained, education quality is set to the highest level and unity among young Malaysians are further fostered?

Why the gamble on the next generation’s future?

We already took the wrong step by reversing the decision to teach Maths and Science in English (and yet we hear “traces” of call to bring this back). So, what’s next?

And one day when the Government decides to cut down on the subsidies, we really wonder whether the money saved from all these subsidies would be channelled back to strengthening our education system. Or will it be “distributed to its goons” as many are predicting?

By the way, Murugiah’s call for private firms to “adopt’ Tamil schools is a wasteful endeavour.

We have a bad track record when it comes to sponsorships.

In Malaysia, nothing is done for free unless there is a profit to be made or kick-backs given somewhere. Instead of asking the private firms, why can’t the Government itself take over these schools and turn them into national schools where all Malaysians will have equal opportunity to basic education?

It is scary to wonder how the Government is going to tackle the allocation of cost when it comes to funding education for young Malaysians? Are they going to sit down and check on the right priorities? The Government already said that it is not having enough money to go around.

We really don’t need the wasteful endeavours now and certainly, we can do with fewer politicians running the show in the background.

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