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(After PKR, the next PR party in trouble in DAP but are they? Image source:

Well, perhaps it was from a pro-BN blogger, I was not surprised to read this:-

In the same breath the Pakatan Gangsters conducted a candle light vigil against the ISA yesterday. The vigil was just a distraction – to divert attention away from the crap that is now hitting the fan: their links with gangsterism

Gangsterism is increasing in Selangor and consequently in Kuala Lumpur.

I attribute this directly to the Pakatan Gangster that is ruling Selangor. Almost everyday now we read of thugs and gangsterism in schools in Selangor.

(Source: OutSyed The Box)

Syed calls the Pakatan Rakyat politicians gangsters and says that they are the direct cause of crime in the state. But let me ask Syed this question – is the increase in crime in the state and in schools really attributed to Pakatan Rakyat running the state alone? Then what about the police force and the Ministry of Education? What they been doing lately on this issue?

Syed says gangsterism is increasing in Selangor and consequently in Kuala Lumpur. Where are the numbers to back this claim? We like to know too – so that we can analyse it and keep up the pressure on whoever that is incharge in reducing the crime rate in the state. Gangsterism affects us too. And as I recall, Kuala Lumpur despite an overwhelming win by Pakatan Rakyat, is still run by BN. So, the increase in gangsterism in Kuala Lumpur is also attributed by Pakatan Rakyat? If yes, does that mean someone else is not doing their job?

But still, in case Syed is still arguing that BN is better than Pakatan in combating crime, let me illustrate this:-

(Do I see an increasing trend even before 2008? Graph Source: CPPS)

And then in 2009, Malaysia Today reported this:-

In 2007, six (6) police officers and two (2) underworld figures signed Statutory Declarations alleging that senior police officers right up to the IGP have links with the Chinese drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-shark syndicate based in Johor and which was expanding its operation throughout Malaysia.

Another police officer made a police report alleging that his family was kidnapped by the ACA to force him to change his statement while the head of the CCD and his lawyer were arrested and charged for alleged criminal offenses as punishment for detaining underworld bosses under the Emergency Ordinance

No hearsay but statutory declarations and police reports. You still say that the increase in gangsterism is attributed to Pakatan Rakyat alone?

Syed said that a man hacked to death by thugs who tried to recruit his son into the gang and Syed “attribute this directly to the Pakatan Gangster that is ruling Selangor”.

Well, Syed – thanks for heads up but since we are well wired these days, let me give you more disturbing examples that happened long before Pakatan took over the state (you can dig more on the net if you have the time):-

More than 40 residents of the housing estate gathered in front of the Selangor police headquarters to express their dissatisfaction over alleged police inaction on the reports they had lodged against gangsterism (2007)


For Kuala Lumpur:-

Kuala Lumpur city police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Dell Akbar Khan said crimes involving students increased for the first eight months of this year: 141 violent and 668 property crime cases (2003)


I recall seeing massage centers and night clubs opening during Khir Toyo’s time as MB. I remember going to night clubs in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur when Mahathir was still the PM. So, what is the difference with massage centers and night clubs opening during Pakatan Rakyat’s time? Licensing of these massage centers and night clubs is determined by local authorities and if the people are not happy with massage centers and night clubs opening at their place, then they need to bring this up to the local authorities.

But are you saying that more massage centers and night clubs mean more crime for sure? What about other factors – influx of illegal immigrants, lack of education & opportunity, poverty, lack of enforcement, short of manpower in the enforcement agencies, existence of loopholes in the existing laws, downturn of economy and etc?

Come on Syed, I will agree if you say that Pakatan Rakyat is not doing enough monitoring and their politicians need to buck up on their duties but it hardly holds water if you are going to say that they are the SOLE cause of crime in the state. This is because crime was also prevalent in the state when BN was ruling the state.

And it was not right to link the gangsterism with the recent anti ISA vigil – it is 2 different things. Just as you have pro ISA at your end, we have the anti ISA at our end. The fact that ISA has been used for reasons other than what it was intended to be (i.e. fight against communists) is what the protest is all about. Still remember Teresa Kok? Still remember the infamous reporter who was arrested under ISA for “her own safety”?

We certainly do not want to let Mat Selamat walk free but if you are holding him for a reason, then formally charge him in the court of law with terrorism and hang him or send him away to prison or even better, extradite him back to Singapore. At least things will be more apparent and Mat Selamat, despite the danger that he may pose, have a chance to defend himself. Everyone has a right to defend himself under the law.

As I mentioned before, Pakatan Rakyat is not perfect – they have been a pain in the neck for the wrong reasons (more trouble in PKR than in DAP). But so does BN and they were reminded of this very obviously in the last general election. DAP disciplinary committee is hauling more people and that includes Ronnie Liu – so let’s see what the outcome. If what has been alleged turns out to be true, it will mark a dark day for Pakatan Rakyat in the state but at least things are being investigated in the open (read here to see why people think DAP is doing the right thing).

DAP knows what holds for them if they sweep this mess under the carpet – they will lose the confidence of even the strongest pro Pakatan supporters in the next election. I don’t think DAP is going to for that option at the moment. Let get our facts straight – PR or BN, as tax payers, we are in this together.

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