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Malaysia 101: Wise Nazri Aziz, Slaying the Real Bogeyman 2

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(Inconsistent Nazri Aziz – he can be at the lowest point or highest point when it comes to a politician saying something to the people)

Interesting comments from an unlikely source:-

Nazri also came to the defence of the non-Malays, claiming that they never questioned the rights of the Malays.

“It is not true that the non-Malays question the Constitution. They are only asking for what they feel they ought to have, that is all. Can it not happen when you want to just ask for something for yourself?” he said.

He noted that it was often misconstrued that the moment a non-Malay tried to ask for something, they were questioning the special rights of the Malays.

“Like if a non-Malay student from a poor family gets 9As and asks for a scholarship, is it wrong?” he said.

“It is about loyalty to the country, unity, a sense of belonging and that everyone here has equal stake in the country, regardless of your race,” he said.

He expressed disappointment in how certain politicians make “divisive statements”.

“Look at Nicol David, when she goes into the squash courts, she walks in there as a Malaysian, not an Indian or a Chinese.

“Politicians need to learn lessons from her. We, so-called politicians are supposed to be leaders of the country but we make divisive statements. We know the obstacles are real and it is never going to be easy but we must not give up,” he said


Nazri Aziz is well known to be a foot-in-the-mouth politician.

However, Nazri Aziz proved once again that when he is not running “errands” for BN, he does use his common sense and say things that make a lot of sense.

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