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Personal 101: Tired Feel Like Steamrolled

steam roller tired

(Feel like you have been steamrolled over and over again? Ya, we go through at one point of our life, don’t we? Image source: Youtube)

I am in a dire need of a good massage…

Over the last 2 weeks or so, I have been working on a project with another 20 or so people at work. We have been working over almost non stop and on weekends too, leaving only a couple of hours on Sunday for sleep and recovery. And by the time I get ready to leave for home, it will late and it will be raining very heavily.

Now, here is the part that I don’t get. It practically pouring out there (after all we are in Malaysia and we are in midst of a tropical thunderstorm season), there are idiots who still take a big risk and poses danger to others by speeding on the road, exiting from no-entry lanes and crisscrossing the lanes without giving proper indicators.

It is one thing when you get this nonsense when you are driving on the dry but when the roads are wet and slippery; it is a whole new ball game out there.

How many times I have prayed for these idiots to hit the emergency brakes and due to the slippery road, overturn a couple of times and end up in a deep ravine, severely maiming the idiot (death would have swift and painless) and ending his / her days of reckless driving.

It may sound too violent but here is a thought for you – imagine the situation when you drive out from the basement parking after a long day at work and looking for seeing your family at home, get pass reckless people crossing in front of you in heavy rain (Indonesian factory workers who don’t care to see left and right when wanting to cross the road).

And when you get on to the highway, the traffic is very heavy (chain reaction from the traffic jam in the city centre) and then you have to spend whatever concentration that you still have on these idiots on the road. Suddenly your level of tiredness sky-rockets beyond the red line and you arrive home with an almost dead battery.

But here’s why I feel like I have been steam-rolled – I finally caught the flu bug and I am oozing from cold, backache and sore-throat.


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