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Highway 101: Encountering Reckless Livina Drivers

livina highway

(All whites Livinas on the highway! At first, we thought it was a new way of delivering new vehicles to their customers – some beautifully modified told us it was not but putting themselves and other road users in great danger)

This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen on a highway (second to the time me and my friends “caught” a couple having sex whilst still on the slow lane of the highway some years ago but let me keep that for another time).

First, the photos – after all, “seeing is believing”, right? (photos were taken on Saturday morning on the highway towards North)

livina highway

(Whites Knights meet All Blacks – before we got bored with the whites, they caught with another part of the Livina convoy which was made of all black coloured Livinas. Somehow the black Livinas “behaved” themselves on the highway, keeping to the left lane of the highway)

Kudos to the organizers – as I made to understand, it was organized with the participants from the Northern, Central and Southern regions. And it is not easy to get the over-zealous drivers in the toe and keep the convoy formation in line. It was interesting to watch the various “colours” in a long straight line and plenty of things to chat about during the night once we have reached our destinations.

But here is the sickening part of an otherwise brilliant stroke of the organization – those Livina drivers, in their eagerness to keep in line with their same colour comrades, completely ignored the rest of the road users.

livina highway

(King of the road? By holding the sweeper position on the middle lane, you hog 2 lanes leaving the rest of the highway users to use the fast lane to cut the whole Livina convoy)

They cut in very closely and most of the times leave very little room for manoeuvring and overtaking. With 20 or so cars in a convoy hogging the left lane and occasionally the middle lane (when overtaking trucks and slower moving vehicles), these drivers drove as if the highway belonged to them and no one else.

There was the fast lane but it was not easy to make the overtaking move especially when you have BMWs and Mercedes coming down screaming at the rear of your car within seconds.

After a while, I had enough of driving rather dangerously next to the group, I decided to speed up and leave the group as far away as possible (they caught up when I made a “pit-stop” at the R&R but I managed to fly through before they managed to regroup and cause headache to others).

Cool but reckless at certain areas…

11 thoughts on “Highway 101: Encountering Reckless Livina Drivers”

  1. Dear B.Joe regarding your comments that you have left on 2 December 2010, i am quiet disturbed by your comments. >:(it seems that you have not been in any convoy or any groups (in that matter). i as one of the participants am unhappy with your comment. for your information before the ‘D-day’ of our convoy they have done early prepartion on the matter at hand….(you can get the preparation summary here:-,2525.msg81719.html#msg81719
    its not as easy as you think in handling 90 over livina on the road at one time (try putting 5 cars in a convoy, its hard too).
    here are your comment and this is my answer;
    YOURS:(This was a very close call at 110 km/h! Ya, you indicate to cut in but you don’t bother to see whether there was enough gap to cut in. You simply cut in to join your friends on the left lane. I dreaded the thought when the 3 lane highway gets down to only 2 lanes and there is more of the heavy vehicles on the left lane)
    MINE: our drivers r not cutting in without giving in any indication, and from your pict i see they giving enough gap between you and the person infront….

    YOURS:(Samseng on the road? By holding the sweeper position on the middle lane, you hog 2 lanes leaving the rest of the highway users to use the fast lane to cut the whole convoy)
    MINE: the sweeper is not hogging the road as you mentioned, he is keeping the convoy in-line as not to hinder the 2 &3 lane user . (why r u following us? cant you just overtake him? we r travelling 100km/hr which is not hogging speed)

    you should have done your homework before leaving CHILDISH remarks… i hope you could accept my reason on behave of my club, and we hope the miner problems will not happen again in the near future.

    p/s: how about joining us next year….

    1. RF Impul – I hope you have read the post in full before you left your remarks as well.

      As I mentioned upfront and at the last line of the post – kudos to the organization and I know it was not easy to organize a large convoy (I have using the highway for many years now and it is by far the largest convoy I have seen).

      But nonetheless, I stand by my observations – the organizers cannot be at all the places at the same time and what some of the drivers did (I guess they were too excited and MAY not have realized what they were doing) some risk / inconvenience to the others. More so on a weekend when the traffic on the highway is highway.

      The photo that shows the driver cutting in from the fast lane to the last lane is not the first. There were a couple of drivers did the same and you must see how the other cars had slam their brakes to let the drivers to cut in who did not bothered to wait for the right time to cut in. Too bad I did not video the insane overtaking manoeuvrings – you would seen how close of them were but the photo was close enough – just see the gap between my car and the Livina in front and judge for yourself. What – there was some kind of “penalty” imposed for breaking the convoy line?

      You can take my comments as things to watch out for in your next convoy up North but if you choose to remain ignorant and insist that all in the convoy were angels from start to end, well, no further comments.

  2. Bro joe…….like this aaa i guess u just handle that photo to JPJ or PDRM laaa…….Let see what happen…..i’m curious y a very caring wannabe driver like u maybe took the initiative to take photo instead of overtake earlier……maybe as a pengajaran@jealousy@panas@less BHP to pick up the momentum………..anyway chill……………….

    1. Ya, I read the comments in the forum – at least there are some clear headed ones who look it positively. I guess Sanuar belongs to the other extreme (I don’t know where this jealously part came from – as if the club is so exclusive that they can owe the highway and free to act as rowdies and we are so jealous of it. Gosh – what a “PR” for the club and the organizers on that day)

  3. thank you again i have to say for your concerned; i have understood your earlier quote and thank you.
    you and i are well educated drivers who tend to do mistakes ones-a-while, i/we are not ignorant and since you labeling us as angles, i have to thank you again.

  4. it seems that you have set a spark to some of us…..but in a good way. don’t get me wrong we are road user like you. and each mistake done is noted, but he has quoted:
    “terima kasih pada yg menyokong dan x sokong apa2 tentang teguran brader joe.kes ini hanyalah kes terpencil bagi saya.yg penting bagi saya peserta2 konvoy menunjukkan tahap displin yg tinggi wpun ada serba sedikit kelamkabut ditempat2 yg tertentu.semuanya selamat sampai dibukit merah,bergembira bersama keluarga serta rakan2 dan telah selamat sampai kedestinasi masing2.”

    he added: “jangan rosakkan segala kenangan yg telah kita bina bersama PNGL yg lain dengan komen2 yg boleh mencetuskan huru-hara”. i luv u all livinian,terima kasih sekali lagi.”

    as you can see & read; we are not “Samseng on the road” so DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE FROM WHAT YOU SEE, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP coz if you DO LEAP, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A NET TO SAVE YOU.
    cheers and save driving.

    1. RF Impul – Bro, I guess some of the forumers need to put themselves in the shoes of the other “non Livina” drivers on that day before commenting “wildly” in your forum but it is ok – everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

      You just need someone complaining on how you drive and you end up being defensive about it. I was happy that at least one or two of the forumer suggested post-mortem / take it positively to improve but the rest…?

      I am just stating my observations – especially when I was heading the same way and just happen to have a blog to express it (what about others who were there but remained silent). The convoy as I always maintained was impressive but it can improved. That is the gist of my post – let’s keep it that way.

      Cheers and safe driving too.

      P.s. “Don’t judge people from what you see” sounds good but so does “1st impression is the last impression”.

  5. da quote ” don’t judge from from what u see”i like it
    Me as an extremism………..naaaaa……….we all have our 1st impression either good or bad…………be it or not…………jealousy as i wrote earlier MAYBE, don’t miss quote………………..anyway pls do focus on the road………… hanky panky@photo haa……moreover if u do sakit hati to see such samseng konvoi ever again……don’t hesitate to call da pihak berwajib…………………ha ha ha…………….piece of advice jaga kain sendiri bro@MYOB……………..

  6. BRO JOE….thank you and noted
    see you on the northern bound highway…

    BRO SANUAR…. for someone who always believe “1st impression is the last impression”. it shows that’s person ca rector, who thinks his always perfect…. we are human dooooooowwwwwww.

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