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Personal 101: Prelude to Kojak Excited Time

kojak bald 80s TV Telly Savalas

(Still, remember this show from the ’80s? Back then, we used to call anyone who is bald, Kojak! Image source:

It is T minus 2 days before we become Kojaks ourselves.

There are some prayers over the weekend for my son and we suppose to get him to shave his head as bald as Kojak as a sign of “renewal” (or as a means of going through a purification ritual, so they say).

This should have been done when he was still a baby but somehow we have been procrastinating until now (ya, we hate to see sharp razor “sliding” on his head).

Aware of his good looks, he initially refused to get his head shaved clean until my wife informed me that I will shave my head as well (it happened so fast, I did not have the time to react). My son who likes to act and talk like me at certain times liked the idea of two of us going bald at the same time – he asked me and I decided “why not?”

I had my hair cut to the minimum length before but a complete shave of the head is something new. As it is for a good cause and for my son, I will do anything, so losing a couple of hair from the head is a small thing.

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