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Kota Bahru Rush 2011: Craziest Thing 2011 – A Prelude

Kelantan Craziest TripSomething before I start the journey…

The last time I saw an impromptu decision in action was when my Dad decided to take us to Morib when I was still small. We were at home at one moment and suddenly a couple of minutes; we were on the way to Morib where I saw the sea for the first time in my life.

2011 would be the second time when I have decided to do something major without giving much thought. Perhaps it was due to a sense of adventure – it has been some time since I went on a long journey to an unknown place or perhaps it is due to a sense of friendship, not wanting to leave a fellow comrade to take up the long journey all alone.

A journey of almost 1,000 km in a day (thankfully having a friend to take turn driving and keep the sanity during the journey) to a place we never been before and had no idea on how to go (other than relying on some guides in the internet and on-board GPS) is certainly going to be one of the craziest things I am going to do in 2011.

Just hope that everything goes well for the rather impromptu, last minute, crazy endeavour.

Part 1 coming up soon (I hope)…

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