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Parenting 101: Leaving Innocent Children Home Alone

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I don’t know whether it is a case of recklessness or plain ignorance but I get very angry when I see parents not taking care of their children in the right manner

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(The 2 children focusing on the cabin light. If both parents have to go, take the kids with them – they are still awake and is able to walk or if have to leave them behind, one of the adults should stay back as well to take care of them but never, never leave them alone more so in a car with the engine still running. P.s. the video looks dark due to this)

It was a day after the 1st of April, so I knew it was not an April Fool’s joke.

It was on a Sunday night when we had to go for our weekly sundry shopping and we headed towards our usual place, Pasar Borong Selangor. My son decided to “hitch-hike” our car as we mentioned that we might stop-over at my Grandma’s house despite it is quite late at night (and he loved the place).

Soon we had him at the back, complaining about the choice of the song we were picking on the way to the place – he rather listens to loud new songs instead of sentimental old songs.

When we reached the place, my son looked tired and sleepy – so my wife decided to do the shopping alone whilst I stayed in the car with our son who now fast asleep at the back (the alternative would be me carrying my “now too big & heavy to carry” son around). We did not plan to buy too many things that night, so my wife did not need me to be the “muscle” to carry the heavy load like how she often asks me to do.

So, my wife left us in the car and I know that it will be sometime before my wife will be back (she is quite picky when it comes to sundry items for the house). I put on the music and was listening to it when a car pulled in on my right side. A man, his wife and two young kids were inside the car – the two kids looked a bit hyperactive.

At first, it looked normal but then something happened. I was shocked when I noticed the parents got down and left the 2 kids inside the car with the engine STILL running. Without the parents to supervise them, the kids started to get really busy – they start playing with the buttons and switches in the car. One looked like trying something with the gear but distracted with his brother playing with the cabin light.

What if the kids were able to put the car on first or reverse gear and press on the accelerator, running someone to their death? Or with the kids inside a car with the engine left running, what would have happened if someone broke the window or managed to open the door and drive the car away with the kids still inside the car?

Perhaps some parents like this have forgotten the tragic case of Nurin Jazlin who was reported missing after she had gone alone to a wet market located near her house and later was found dead, stuffed in a gym bag, with cucumber and brinjal was found stuffed inside her genitals.

I was pissed off with the parents to be taking things too lightly – is it another case of “quantity over quality”? That parents having kids without ensuring their safety and welfare and having them for the sake of having kids?

Seeing such things is nothing new – how many times you have seen young kids walking or playing by the roadside near their houses all alone or left under the care of equally young kids all alone in the house, leading to incidents like this:-

A six-year-old boy, who was left alone to take care of three other siblings, decided to put his three-month-old baby sister in a traveling bag before leaving her at the void deck of an apartment block in Larkin.

The baby girl was left alone for more than half an hour before one of the residents saw her trying to crawl out of the bag.

The man immediately contacted police and rescued the baby.


When my wife came back, she passed by the car and she noticed the young 2 kids inside the car without the parents at sight. I told her what I saw and she looked in disbelief as to how the parents can be so careless (or more importantly stupid). The kids barely looked older than 6 – 7 years old.

It was getting late and with the parents of the 2 kids nowhere to be seen – the idiots must be busy with their marketing, we decided that there is nothing much we can do – we left the place, still feeling angry, expecting horrible news the next day.

Screw some of the parents out there…

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