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Terrorism 2011: Osama is Dead


(Osama Bin Laden – the main icon of Al-Qaeda is no longer exist but it does not mean it is the end of the Al-Qaeda organization. Image source: History Channel)

It took them 10 years of intense manhunt but Osama Bin Laden – the “man” claimed to be behind 9-11 incident that killed almost 3,000 people is finally dead.

But now, more troubling findings starts to emerge:-

Finally, Osama bin Laden is dead. Yet, the world’s most-wanted man was not killed in the rugged terrains of Pak-Afghan border, but right under the nose of the Pakistan Army establishment, in a safe house 800 metres away from the Pakistan Military Academy in the garrison city of Abbottabad.

I have this strange feeling that Pakistan is now going to condemn this killing, either publicly or privately because it appears to be an operation executed exclusively by the United States in a foreign country.

Again, Pakistan will have to tell us more about how much they knew about bin Laden’s presence and activities in that country.


Certainly it would not been easy for the most wanted terrorist in the world to be roaming around in the country for the last 10 years without the knowledge of the Pakistani military. Just how much they knew about Osama’s safe house being near to their military base may need some good explaining to do.

For now, the main face behind terrorism is dead but the war against terrorism continues.

3 thoughts on “Terrorism 2011: Osama is Dead”

  1. Did Osama really exist or was he just a figment of America’s imagination?

    If he did exist, why did it take so long for the US, with all it’s might, to put away that man?

    Anyway President Obama needed something like that to boost his popularity now that his first term as the President is coming to an end.

    The next thing he will do is to withdraw troops from Afghanistan for the same reason as above.



    1. It is a fact that US troops could have caught Osama weeks from the 9-11 incident but President Bush put on hold the mission in time for Osama to slip pass and escape into the Pakistan-Afghan frontiers.

      Interesting facts at Fahrenheit 9-11 by Michael Moore too. Osama could have been the bogeyman for US to continue to wage war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. After all, war means good business for some in the US, especially those closely related to the ex-President.

      Previously US seems to be more eager to withdraw from Iraq than from Afghanistan but since Osama is now dead, that decision may change.

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