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Elections 101: Bersih 2.0 – Where is Loud Mouth Wally?

Bersih Wally Ibrahim Perkasa

(At times like the Bersih rally, it seems OK to have people who talked about and threaten others – they hardly make the impact but it is not acceptable when the person making threats is a Member of Parliament and make seditious statements but remains free from arrests and prosecutions. Image source:

The rally that saw a very united Malaysians of all ages and background has come and gone but the aftermath of it has been bad news for the Government. If only Najib had granted Bersih 2.0 the use of Stadium Merdeka or had the police dictated the meeting point of the rally and escorted them to deliver the demands peacefully, things would have been less ugly.

Plenty may be said of Bersih 2.0’s rally, the clash between the police who deployed the same high handed tactics, it’s key leaders arrested when they showed up as promised and some injured in the process (tragically one had died) but for me, what UMNO Youth did tops the rest and earned my respect (although they could have merged with Bersih 2.0 on common grounds).

I have to salute UMNO Youth headed by Khairy who at least showed up despite threat of arrest on sight. They were small in numbers and hardly made a dent on Bersih 2.0 but at least they kept their words – they showed up, refrained themselves from any clashes with Bersih 2.0 and promptly were arrested after a short stand-off with the police.

This is unlike the other guy who talked a lot, foams forming at the side of the mouth before the rally (to an extent telling the Chinese Malaysians to stock up food) and now proven to be the one without BALLS – Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa refused to show up at the city with his members (citing highly predicated but lame excuses).

One can just hope that this show of cowardliness when the time for reckoning had come, will silence him from opening his foul mouth in future or we shall pray he to suffer another heart attack from serious embarrassment. The world would be a better place from this guy who been threatening and accusing Malaysians and does nothing concrete in the process of nation-building and national unity.

The night before Bersih 2.0 rally saw mother of all traffic jams, something that many have to point the finger on the Government and the police. Despite the fortification (yes, that is was used on the tactics deployed) of KL, Bersih 2.0 rally still saw thousands on the street, peacefully rallying as promised.

The busy junction in front of the Puduraya bus terminal became the focal point of yesterday’s protest as crowds snowballed from 500 in nearby Petaling Street at 12.40pm to a whopping 10,000 just half an hour later.

And while the protesters faced off with the police at Jalan Pudu, just round the corner, mere metres away an estimated thousand more were turned away from the original planned gathering point Stadium Merdeka, which was barricaded by police with barbed wire.

But with so many obstacles in place and the entire city practically locked down with roadblocks and closure of key LRT stations, how did the protesters give the police the slip and organised themselves?

(Source Malaysiakini)

Hopefully, the police will drop the idea of putting roadblocks to stop ordinary Malaysians from attending peaceful rallies in the future and instead, provide proper escort and guidelines to ensure that rallies are done in proper, safe, peaceful manners.

Roadblocks are useless, it is not effective to prevent rally from taking place and all it does very effectively is to create unnecessary tension against the police & the Government and waste time and fuel.

And the bugger who talked a lot but went missing on rally day, one can hope that he has been humbled by events of Bersih 2.0 namely the attendance of UMNO Youth under Khairy.

Well done Bersih 2.0 & Khairy.

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