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Tech News 101: Nokia N8 Firmware Update Part 2

symbian nokia OS

(I love the smell of napalm…err…software updates for my Nokia in the morning. Image source:

I thought it was the long-overdue PR1.2 update but the Nokia device updates screen shows the release type as “Symbian Anna” (now I believe that PR1.2 was never released in Malaysia). It took less than 30 minutes for the latest updates for my N8 from Nokia servers – it was clean and smooth.

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The updates contain among other things:-

  • Fresher, renewed look with new icons and wallpapers, and split-screen view for Messaging, Mail, Browser, Phone book, Calendar, and Maps
  • Improved full QWERTY virtual keypad with split-screen view and faster access to special characters
  • New, faster and easier-to-use browser, with new search features, and most used features available with one tap
  • New Maps version, with improved search, a public transport network view, and a new Check-in feature for sharing info about places through social networking services
  • Improved calendar, enabling you to create and accept meeting invitations through Mail
  • Microsoft Communicator Mobile available
  • Improved information and communication security
  • New versions of Ovi Store and QuickOffice
  • Performance and usability improvements

Other Software Updates

  • Flashlite 4
  • Java Runtime 2.2
  • Qt Mobility 1.1
  • Qt4.7


For a more complete changelog, click here for details

However, the latest updates are not really noticeable until it is time for you to type on a number or message – the QWERTY feature in portrait mode is really helpful (although sometimes the keypad seems too small but there is an option to switch off QWERTY function off) and when I start typing to call, the address book comes in another top side of the screen for an easy pick (it was not that easy under PR1.1). The Communicator function now is on display on the home page but I have not played with the settings yet. The camera’s autofocus seems working better now.

Nokia has chosen to use Windows Phone as its primary OS for its future smartphones so I do hope that we were still getting updates for the Symbian^3 OS in terms of new functions, performance and security.

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